Know the story of Mrs. Kamini, the woman who followed her heart and became an entrepreneur.

Let's hear the story of Mrs. Kamini, a women entrepreneur and the founder of 'Kamini Beauty Care

Know the story of Mrs. Kamini, the woman who followed her heart and became an entrepreneur.

Initial Life

Being a girl is not easy, but time is changing as the women are coming forward to fight for their rights; to pursue their passion; to do what they want and deserve; and above everything, to own the value and happiness in their life.

Mrs. Kamini Pandey is one of the names among the women pursuing their vision and owning their value with grace.

"As an adolescent, beauty, beauticians and art of transformation had always inspired me. By God’s grace I too had good drawing instincts. So, when the time came for me to choose a career for myself I was determined to follow my passion. Even though my parents wanted me to complete my studies and choose teaching as a profession, beauty sort of things were never looked upon then."

Someone has said right, "A woman is like a teabag. You can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."

Mrs. Kamini faced many challenges since her childhood but emerged stronger every time she was put into the hot water.

The Journey 

Mrs. Kamini knew from the beginning what she wanted. She had a zeal to become independent and start something on her own.

But, sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.

Mrs. Kamini, too, had to go through a lot before initiating her journey. 

You mustn't be unaware of the famous saying- "Where there's a will there's a way."

She had a burning will inside her and no one can stop a person with a strong will. 

Mrs. Kamini says, "After my marriage, the best of my life happened. The support for which I was longing in order to fulfill my passion, I got that.

I knew very clearly since the start of my journey that this is the field which is meant for me and I need to contribute it to my fullest."

Yes, today Mrs. Kamini is an entrepreneur and the founder of "Kamini Beauty Care."

The roller coaster life

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and life gives you the journey but you create the path"

Mrs. Kamini created her path which she is proud of. Following your passion and doing something which makes you happy is another level of achievement.

Mrs. Kamini's journey is an example to motivate many women out there to follow their heart.

She started small but today she has fulfilled her biggest dream.

"During those days, I got a lifetime chance to meet Shahnaz Hussain. That meeting filled me with lots of inspiration to carry forward my aspirations. Thereafter, I joined her academy in lucknow and then her kohinoor institute in Delhi."

Since then, I have attended 34 classes all over the world. I Have a masters degree from India,Dubai, Europe etc. from loreal, habib etc. have attended full education in hair, skin and makeup even as a trichologist I hold naturopathy degree, derma course.

As of now, I am at a stage where I can give classes to more aspiring students.

I have my own academy, where I teach young students and train them. I travel all over the globe imparting learning.

I hold many awards which have been awarded by renowned personalities such as Lara Duta, Dia Mirza" Kamini states cheerfully.

She says further, "As stated above, I have always aspired to become a makeup artist and the meet with Sehnaz ma’am has filled me with enormous inspiration.

Along with all of that the greatest motivation for me was the support of my husband, in-laws and childrens."

Advice for the readers

With a  target to open 100 salons all over India, with the highest quality services, Kamini is working hard, everyday to grow.

On asking her for some advice she says, "During the initial days, I have had lots of bashing from my distant family, thinking this is not a respectful job to do, but proudly today I can say that all those who did not support me then they come up to me and ask me how to do good in this field.

So, choose the work of your interest and not under anyone’s pressure. Education is most

important with honesty."