The Origins of ArchiCover Showroom: A Lavish Resource Center for High-End Materials

Christiane and Michael Dania, an entrepreneur couple, stand in front of the ArchiCover business.

The Origins of ArchiCover Showroom: A Lavish Resource Center for High-End Materials

Christiane and Michael Dania, an entrepreneur couple, stand in front of the ArchiCover business. Christiane Dania loves to travel the world in search of the most exclusive design pieces for ArchiCover and turns her passion for exquisite surfaces into a career.

They accumulated timeless pieces as well as the most recent offerings from regional and international producers and local and international trade fairs. The entrepreneur couple is thrilled to offer this extraordinary collection of unusual, innovative, and luxurious surfaces and materials, in addition to rare items and collectables, in their European showroom of 1.000 square meters.

Through our interview with Christiane Dania, ArchiCover's co-owner, you can learn more about the company.

How has your expert experience helped your business?

I know what clients want when they talk about high-end design because I have worked in real estate and interior design for over 20 years. They want to make their new homes glamorous and colourful, and they want to show how they live at home as well. In addition, they adore unique wall, floor, and furniture designs and materials. They like unique, custom-made items that represent their lifestyle and are a form of art.

What makes Dubai so appealing to you?

I fell in love with Dubai ten years ago. Everything is golden and shiny in Dubai, a place with an open mind and rapid growth. People enjoy showing off their possessions and donning bright clothing. The better, the shinier. Everything sparkles — a little bit kitschy, I know — but for me, it's the best place to get inspired. It has extravagant designs, great architecture, luxury homes, luxury cars, luxury jewellery, and amazing restaurants. I made the best decision of my life when I moved to Dubai six months ago. Now I can be the vibrant person I had to hide in Europe.

How would you characterize your style?

Christiane Dania My personality is very colourful and creative. Unique, exquisite, and extravagant designs appeal to me. However, the most important thing to me is meeting the unique requirements and wishes of my clients. Naturally, colour and shape coherence and adherence to fundamental design principles are crucial in project implementation. However, the most significant rule for me is this: The user must feel completely at ease, and the client and architect must be able to identify with the result without restriction. In return, I prefer to forego the vanity of my initial style in favour of individualized design based on the requirements of the client.

What makes a material or surface stand apart from you?

It must be a high-quality handicraft, which is something that truly matters to me.

Because your home should be a collection of the things you love and tell the story of who you are, it needs to be one-of-a-kind and possibly custom-made for my client's requirements.

What has been your greatest career obstacle?

As a sweet 17 in the real estate industry, I had already obtained my license when I was 18. I had to daily show a male-dominated field that I was right there, despite being told I was too young. When you climb the career ladder, the more gossip you hear, the more attractive you are.

Do you have any suggestions for improving the design industry?

I wouldn't change a thing, no. Everybody has the right to create and design anything they want. It's possible to get the impression that you can already get everything on the interior market; this is where ArchiCover comes in to help our clients find the best options!

Where might you want to see ArchiCover later on?

ArchiCover is a sole proprietorship focused on the Arab world with a flagship store in Vienna and Dubai. I am open to expanding to additional locations, as long as we work together.