The story of Mudit Pathak aka Artistic Yogi

"Where there is a will, there is a way" You all must be aware of this quote. When you are passionate about something, no one can stop you from getting what you want. Mudit Pathak- The Artistic Yogi, is a live example of this.

The story of Mudit Pathak aka Artistic Yogi

Mudit is a poet, writer, dancer, choreographer, lyricist, motivational speaker, and artist. He is an artist who inspires young artists across the country to dream big.

Not only this, recently, he has also started his author journey by launching India's first non-fiction book on 'The True One-Sided Love Story Of A Changemaker- KHWAISH.'

The initial life

Mudit was born in the small town of Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh. He finished his schooling at Pilibhit and is currently a student of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Evening College (Delhi University). 

Talking about him, his grandfather is his motivation. He says that his grandfather used to advise him. Mudit gives him the credit for his accomplishments. His grandfather had advised him to achieve something different from the majority. Since then, Mudit never looked back.

Today Mudit has become the motivation for the youth. He likewise makes a decision about numerous occasions occurring in India and abroad. He is additionally a VIP anchor and individuals like to call him as Chief Guest or Guest Speaker. 


Mudit's accounts have been distributed in numerous magazines and websites. To name some-,, indiabookofrecords. in and many more.

Up until this point, he has done entry-level assignments for more than 30 associations, firms, new companies, and NGOs. 

Talking about all his achievements, he is also an author. His book, 'KHWAISH' has just launched on 12th June 2021. The book is already live on Amazon, Google Books and Kindle. Khwaish is India's first Non-Fiction book based on the true one-sided love story of a changemaker.  Go grab yours-

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The journey

In the primary year of his college, Mudit did temporary internships at UIDAI Government of India and GAIL Government of India. In the subsequent year, he began a firm named PLAN_IT_4U, which was the first firm, completely managed by the youth.

During this time he additionally worked with famous people like Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, and Geeta Dutta. His point behind beginning this organization was to give low maintenance occupations or internships to school going students. This way these youths could turn out to be monetarily free and comprehend the subtleties of the corporate world. 

The Artistic Yogi

Mudit then, at that point made India's biggest Artistic Community named ARTISTIC_BYNATURE to help, advance, rouse, and motivate artists. To date, he has coordinated more than 1000 events around the world. During Covid's lockdown, he additionally coordinated India's greatest ability chase. 

Our general public and guardians have extraordinary assumptions from their youngsters. They power their decisions on their children for choosing careers. In any case, Mudit wishes, each artist should live their enthusiasm and become a fruitful individual after it. Till now his organization has upheld 10000+ artists around the nation. 

After this, Mudit began his excursion of THEYOGI_GANG. YOGI means "Youth of Global India", which is the biggest youth local area in India that helps youth. They intend to engage the young people of India. They do different seminars, sessions and workshops in different schools and universities to help the youth. 

The Unstoppable

During the lockdown, he held the world's first live session on Instagram which was a 2-days session. More than 15 speakers around the world took part in this event. There was an uncommon discussion called "#changemakers". This, in turn, helped many youths to initiate their changemaker journey.

Mudit helped to establish BHARAT_GIRLUP with Pranjul Tyagi, a drive under the United Nations. It plans to engage ladies, work for equivalent rights for ladies and the LGBTQ people group. Alongside BHARAT_GIRLUP, Mudit coordinated a global debate competition "vaktavya" which was India's biggest debate as of now.

Like many youngsters out there, Mudit's family too wanted him to settle for something ordinary; get a job, earn and settle down. But, Mudit had extraordinary things in his mind. He was not made to settle for the ordinary. Today, he has not only become a motivation for the youth but has helped a majority of them to achieve extraordinary things in life. 

The Inspiration

Bringing a change in society is not easy. You have to go through a lot and many times that turns out to be demotivating. We asked Mudit, what keeps him inspired to never give up. He says "I'm a change-maker, who strolls in his own way. My vision is big, I know, I will fail but eventually, my failures will lead me to success. I believe in taking action and that keeps me motivated. Every morning, I wake with an enthusiastic hope to doing something new." 

He adds, "I learn this attitude from my grandfather, he taught me to do something out of the box. He is my motivation."

Mudit is the solitary youth from India to be granted the "Karmaveer Chakra Global Young Leaders" and "Rex Karmaveer Chakra Awards". Aside from this, he has likewise gotten praises like "India's Glorious Young Achievers Award" and "Literoma Young Achievers Award 2020". He has likewise been named for the "Padma Shri Award 2021". 

Currently, Mudit is the originator of 4-5 organizations, India Book of Record Holder, World Record Holder, and champion of "Youthful Entrepreneur of the Year". He has additionally gotten an honour from Saroj Khan for Dance. He is additionally a "Women Safety Ambassador". He has likewise authored a book named – "A TALE TUCKED BENEATH SOLICITUDE". His book is accessible on Amazon, and his book has been nominated for three honours.


On asking Mudit for advice, he says, "Many times people never take action thinking that they were not ready or the time was not right. I believe if something comes to your mind, start hustling to make that real since day 1. With time, you will grow. You may fail but eventually, you will learn how not to fail."