This man changed the concept of finding a sports coach with "CoachKhoj"

Siddharth Patil is the founder of "CoachKhoj." Coachkhoj is a platform that brings you the facility of finding the right coach for yourself near you.

This man changed the concept of finding a sports coach with "CoachKhoj"

Before starting up with "CoachKhoj," Sidharth was heading technology in one of the leading media companies, "Zee Taj Tv," sister concern of Esselgroup.

Apart from Technology background he is also an international "Tchoukball" player having represented India twice in asia-pacific championship.

How the idea took birth?

On asking Sidharth regarding how the idea was born, he said that one day, his co-partner was searching for a table tennis coach for his kid and unfortunately, was not able to find any appropriate coach even after asking all the people around s network.

This was the moment when the idea of initiating something to make this entire process of searching personal coach easy and convenient, hit him hard and the next thing we know is that he came up with "CoachKhoj."

Siddharth thinks it as an opportunity to build a platform that will help bridge the gap between coaches and athletes using location-based search technology.


Talking about his challenges he says, "we faced many challenges, especially in gathering data."

Gathering enough data was not easy for Siddharth. But he didn't give up and put all his energy and efforts into it and then he formed a team.

But again the problem of funding hit him. But, the sportsman spirit within him never lets him fail. Siddharth says, "funding is still a problem, we had to handle the situation with a very limited fund by using the resources in our own corporate network and friends." 

Apart from all this, connecting coaches and helping them understand the concept was another big challenge that Siddharth had to face.

Desire and passion kept him going.

On asking what kept him going, Siddharth said, "Desire and passion to not give up kept us running throughout our journey so far.

Also, the idea of giving back to the society always sparks us to stay longer in this war."

Currently he has more than thousand coaches enrolled with coachkhoj and he is the official coaching partner of the largest javelin community "Amentum Sports," with whom he has  worked on 200 + special olympics coaches for their coach education program.


On asking for advice he says, "The advice is to keep the ball rolling. Stay strong and how long you can sustain will make a difference over anything and everything. Keep working harder and smarter."


CoachKhoj believes in dreaming big and exploring the passion and playing hard that's what sports teaches.  With this passion they are putting all their efforts to be the "Game Changers" for sports. 

Indian Sporting infrastructure at present moment is very much unorganised which makes it very difficult for players and sports enthusiasts to pursue their passion, shattering manh dreams.

CoachKhoj doesn't want that to happen any more. They believe that each and every player should get the new opportunity to change their passion.

They believe technology has the power to bridge this gap and create a positive environment for sports in the country."CoachKhoj" is one such initiative from their side to create a "Sporting Revolution" and help players to find the best of the coaches in their locality with a simple search.