Juhi Singh- a name which is creating history in home utility commodities. Let’s read and try to know about her.

Inokart is rapidly enlarging brand which outsource manufacturers for new products and deliver PAN India across more than 26,000 pin codes which is appreciable. She deals both in B2B and B2C.

Juhi Singh- a name which is creating history in home utility commodities. Let’s read and try to know about her.

1) EMPIRICAL STAGE-  The common dream of every parent is that their child should turn into a doctor when he/she grows up. Same was the fantasy of Juhi’s parents. She arrived in Delhi in October 2018 to pursue her studies in medical stream from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU).  During the first year of academics, she has put her foot forward and got associated with various National level NGO’s wherein she served as coordinator too. Additionally, she volunteered United Nations Volunteers India which added a feather in her cap. She was excessively enthusiastic to touch the sky at an early age which proved fruitful in the latter years.

During the second scholastic year, she applied for a research internship at FITT-IIT Delhi. This practical learning period proved fecund and gave high-yielding information which opened her intellectual at the next level. The innovative products created by IIT’s and NIT’s that were in the pipeline were beyond imagination which the public could not even think of. Juhi shared and explained about every product with her friends and the reliable people outside her university. Eventually, they developed a website to sell their own manufactured by-products.

The main focus of our mass products was ‘Selling novel items which could improvise and ease the burden of daily chores of the people.” The products were finalized in the wake of research, experiment, analyse and analysis. Henceforth, the outcomes were categorised as kitchen items, cleaning products, personal care and kids’ articles. That’s how INNOKART was born! InoKart specifies innovations in your cart that will make one’s life uncomplicated and trouble-free.

Initially, Juhi followed drop-shipping model, by direct delivering the goods from the manufacturer to the customer. Unfortunately, the economic benefit was not worthwhile and satisfactory. On top of that checking of quality was a tedious task. Consequently, she thought to launch her own brand i.e. INOKART- a company which could manufacture ingenious home used commodities.


Inokart is rapidly enlarging brand which outsource manufacturers for new products and deliver PAN India across more than 26,000 pin codes which is appreciable. She deals both in B2B and B2C. Significantly, she has won accolades from IIT Delhi and is mentoring at IIT Mumbai and NSRCEL IIM Bangalore. In a flash, her company has received recognition in the product domain by manufacturing and supplying top-notch quality items in the market.

Prior to final packaging, the products are duly analysed and assessed by the experienced team members of quality controllers as there is no compromise in standard. The delivery of items on time is the goodness magnified. The company offers classy products at nominal rates, also the packaging is eco-friendly.

Smart work added to hard work is the key to success and is the credence of Juhi. Therefore, she is always willing to grasp novelty skills from any source domain. The focal point pivots around end products even if she has to break her own protocols by any means. If the start-up of the venture is exciting and is full of perseverance, definitely the aftermath of the process is virtuous. It is one’s own intellectual for which path to choose. A person should always be goal oriented, keep the spirits high and leap bound.

Currently, Juhi is also serving as State Co-ordinator in Delhi for Women Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI).



Without confronting the obstacles, one cannot achieve success. For this reason, Juhi believes in two main criteria – first the product and second the brand value. Contradictory and challenging situation was that her academic was in medical stream, but she built her career in ecommerce. There came another difficult situation wherein she has to search exceptionally skilled people to build her team. It is apt to quote here –        “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championship.” Friendly nature and good communication skills of Juhi helped her a lot in establishing network and expand the aura of her firm. Being loyal and true hearted made her near and dear ones attract towards her from divergent IIT’s and Engineering colleges. Within no time, they accepted her proposal, eventually, came forward and joined in her new venture.

In the second place, looking for magnificent mentors was a task who can counsel and advice the clients about the products. They also help in developing connections with potential investors. Fortunately, she fabricated the team with zeal and efforts. Till date her mentors are delivering lectures in NSRCEL IIM Bangalore and E-Cell IIT Mumbai.

Furthermore, the third biggest challenge was ‘sales’. How to sale the product in the market and compete with other renowned brands. Her talented team endeavoured to sale the products through e-commerce platforms viz. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Meesho and many more. Apart from this, the products are also available at B2B platforms i.e., Trade India, India Mart etc. People can also order the products from her website- www.inokart.com. Currently, her target is to crack the market offline. Hence, the Inokart products are available in various stores in Delhi too. She follows the strategy of “Sell first and pay later”. This policy eases the common customer and reduces their burden.  Presently, Juhi is making efforts to display the products at various 24 Seven stores in Delhi-NCR to uplift the sale. The good news is she is trying to open her own outlet of Inokart very soon and will provide Franchise as well.

The current turnover of the firm is approximately 5 Crore which will surely accelerate with teamwork including dedication and hard work.


Juhi believes in her own power. Her thought articulates that working in harmony and collaboration helps building technical team and furthermore achieving success by increasing sale. Motivation and appreciation grip the members of the team together.

Additionally, she believes in working 365 days a year in combination with 24X7 to make the business move ahead. This criterion needs burning the midnight oil to boost the sale. To multiply the sale of the products one must expand the diameter of the clients.

Her mother was an inspiration for her as she has always seen her multitasking in multiple amplitudes since her childhood. Juggling and fiddling with manifolds made her move ahead of everyone.                           

There are many instances which articulate that most of the people still live in patriarchal society. She has set an example that women are not behind men at any cost in any field. Moreover, her parents are very supportive as they have raised and nurtured her with love and affection. They always stand by her side in tough times to encourage her.



 Juhi says, “Never give up as great things take time.” The person willing to start up new business must give prior importance to individual needs and wants. Thereafter, step into creation of the product. Intensive research and analysis are required before investment. Concentrate on building large network of people and exploring novel ways to expand sales. Move strategically. One must keep the eyes wide open to look for demands of the client. If one needs to climb the ladder of success and conquer the market, try to touch the hearts of people. Most importantly, the individual must be optimistic and sanguine about the prospects for the global economy. Indeed, you will be unbeatable!!