FlashyVideo Completes 5 Years in the Business Explainer Video Industry

FlashyVideo started its journey in 2016 with a small team of creative professionals with the aspiration of becoming the best explainer video company. The company has come a long way, overcoming several challenges through their passionate commitment towards their vision of being at the top of the industry.

FlashyVideo Completes 5 Years in the Business Explainer Video Industry

Today with 5 years of experience, FlashyVideo is the top explainer video production company based out of Delhi, India, serving clients across 11 countries including the USA, UK,  Canada, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain. Let’s have a look at their accomplishments in the course of these years.

It was the progressive ideas of CEO and Founder Vidit Gandhi that has led FlashyVideo to the heights it has reached. “We always believe in delivering quality business explainer videos that are simple yet exciting to watch. It should be easily understandable for all, whether a 5th-grade student or a qualified business professional” said Vidit.

Under his guidance, a  team of experienced creative minds has come together comprising Creative directors, Scriptwriters, Voice artists, Storyboard artists, Video animators, Cinematographers, Sound and Light experts. 

FlashyVideo has created more than 500 videos for businesses in Manufacturing, Education, Tech, Finance, Travel, Health, Real Estate, Food, Hospitality & E-commerce industries across the globe. They have worked with more than 300 brands and start-ups till now. And these counts are still growing steadily.

FlashyVideo offers full range of business explainer video services . It could be in Animation or Live Action. They do it all. 

In animation, they make unique Whiteboard Videos, 2d characters & Infographic videos to present a business story, Screen Casting videos for explaining how an app, website or software works, trending advanced animation using Motion Graphics Video style to explain complex business services or products and 3d Product Animation to showcase features of the product with detailed 3d animation.

Live-Action Videos includes Corporate Video Shoots, Spokesperson Videos, Stock Motion, Digital Ads, Video Interviews, Cinema Ads and TVC’s.

Apart from this, having tie-ups with more than 500 voice over artists across the globe, they also provide voice over services in any style, language or accent imaginable.

Moreover, they provide video promotion services that help to generate leads, boost sales and take the business to the next level. 

In addition, FlashyVideo has recently launched Pre-wedding video services that have already received overwhelming responses. Considering the responses, they are planning to move into the wedding videos segment as well. 

In the next 3 years, the company aims to widen its horizon by expanding its reach and operations. The main focus would be on technology like Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) and combining these with explainer videos that would help businesses to explain their products and services in more realistic manner.

You can check out different video styles on their YouTube channel  and subscribe for more updates.