Know the story of Robyn Abou Chedid , founder of GUIDED Agency who is helping people build their personal brand.

Robyn is an established Executive Coach, among other distinguished titles, and has amassed years of experience and skill in formulating integrated marketing strategies for companies and individuals alike.

Know the story of Robyn Abou Chedid , founder of GUIDED Agency who is helping people build their personal brand.

As we slowly and steadily transition from the severe COVID-19 crisis to normal and enter the new year of 2022, we feel that a gold mine story that provides inspiration to our audience is really important.

This is Robyn Abou Chedid, an international award-winning influencer and well-known executive coach. Robyn has accumulated years of experience in formulating integrated marketing strategies. She has appeared in group discussions and hosted discussions on women’s career development, turning many online celebrities into influential influencers, and guiding executives to reach C-level status . Robyn solicited some very noteworthy suggestions for entrepreneurs, even those who face criticism, negativity, and growth hindrance due to lack of self-confidence.

Robyn made many inspirational remarks throughout the interview-providing much-needed advice, my personal favorite is:

 "I firmly believe that you are not a product of your environment, you are a product of your choice, so make sure you make a better choice,"

 "When we continue to focus on what other people are doing, we get lost and downplayed. When we do, we fall into the trap of creating similar content and sending similar information like others; this is you You will eventually lose who you are and the way you are trying to convey the message to the world,"

 Speaking of common mistakes entrepreneurs make, Robyn shared,

 "One of the biggest mistakes I see today is that people try to perfect everything very early, and all learning comes from market testing, product development, and rapid development. So have the courage to bring the product to the market,"

 Regarding suggestions for dealing with negative feedback, Robyn believes that

 "In your career, you will get positive and negative feedback, but an important advice is not to treat anything as an individual, but to look at it from their perspective and see how you can improve. Over time, you will understand what feedback can be absorbed and what should not be absorbed,"

About Robin

Robyn has gained fame in the field of international personal branding. In the past ten years, she has been committed to marketing for various companies and individuals in Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region-studying consumer behaviour and witnessing the fast-paced changes in the online branding field.

 According to Robyn, her years of insight into the industry not only helped her evaluate consumer behaviour, but more importantly, helped her achieve successful self-realization; as she said, "The first step to create the life you want starts with you ".

 Earlier this year, Robyn founded GUIDED Agency with a vision to eliminate the fear of failure by using the right tools, knowledge, and guidance to create a trustworthy environment. This strategic consulting company has accumulated rich experience in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the United States and the Gulf Cooperation Council, aiming to create competitive advantages, strategic solutions, and promote organic growth and best performance.

 Editor's note

Robyn is definitely a source of inspiration for everyone who tries to turn their call into a success story. Through her own examples and stories, Robyn has touched extensively on personal and professional aspects. She emphasized the key aspects of entrepreneurship, such as "building a support system", "building interpersonal relationships", "handling negative feedback", "mistakes made by entrepreneurs" and so on.