A startup pursuing the new trend of farming

Fresh produce that is safe to consume in raw form is tough to find in India. It is either expensive or unavailable. The startup “Kaze Living” intends to aid this issue.

A startup pursuing the new trend of farming

Hailing from a family who deals with bio-pesticides, organic farming, and indoor horticulture, Anisha Goel was well acquainted with the impact excessive chemicals have on the body, the loopholes in organic certification, scarcity of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and the reality of wood waste.

The lack of healthy salad while her visit to India from Paris in 2015, where she worked with AXA brought this concern to her mind. Simultaneously, indoor farms were becoming profitable and attracted serious capital ventures.

In 2019, Anisha along with Abhishek Dalal and Shruti Jain founded the startup “Kaze Living”. It is a direct-to-consumer brand that facilitates a curated selection of safe, fresh, and pesticide-free food direct to the doorstep. They partnered with Hydroponic farms and other greenhouses. The team supplies them with farming inputs, technical expertise, and a platform to sell their product. Hydroponics is a high-tech method of growing plants in water rich in minerals and nutrients instead of soil.

“To give a sense of the potential scale, over 2500 new controlled environment farms were set up under the national horticulture board in 2018 alone. In the short term, this will enable us to scale the production of extremely delicate and perishable products like salad greens, flowers or berries, in urban clusters and make greenhouse and urban farming in India increasingly cost-effective for all farm owners,” says Anisha.

They are looking forward to building a home kitchen shelf hydroponic device which would allow people to grow hydroponically in one’s own home. In the future, the startup also intends to work on a range of clean, pesticide-free products including snacks, dips, sauces,
fruits, veggies, etc. Also on the anvil are farm visits and farm lunches.