These geeks quit their IT responsibilities to begin a milkshake brand Shakos in Chennai, made Rs 1 Cr income in a year

With the scope of food items and valuing model, Shakos recorded Rs 1 crore income a little more than a year after dispatch and is focusing on Rs 5 crore before the current year's over.

These geeks quit their IT responsibilities to begin a milkshake brand Shakos in Chennai, made Rs 1 Cr income in a year

Chennai's heat and humidity make it an extraordinary market for organizations selling cool beverages, juices, and milkshakes. As the climate is very hot for a while in a year, these organizations can run productively for the vast majority of the year. An IMARC bunch report indicated that the Indian milkshake market is relied upon to develop at a CAGR of 25 percent during 2019-2024, driven by various factors, for example, a huge youthful populace, evolving ways of life, accommodation, esteem expansion, wellbeing awareness, and so forth. 

What's more, this large swell sought after for milkshakes is something that the youthful organizers of Chennai brand Shakos experienced for themselves. 

How it began

Begun as Fryos in 2017, Ram Dinesh (25), Kishore Thennarasu (25) and Tamizh Selvan (25) were serving various assortments of french fries from a little booth. The IT experts additionally had milkshakes as a component of the menu, however, the shakes turned out to be a quite immense hit that the originators chose to begin Shakos and serve milkshakes solely. 

Slam Dinesh says: "Before we began Shakos, we saw milkshakes in Chennai were overrated, or their quality didn't legitimize the value point. We considered this to be a major open door for milkshakes, which offset great quality with moderate costs." 

The triplet additionally observed a deficiency in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brands speaking to Chennai universally. "We needed to contribute our part towards moulding the Chennai food market, which had quite recently begun blasting. After broad examination for around a half year, we had the option to concoct the formula for milkshakes just as an arrangement for activities," Dinesh says. The originators were from various IT verticals, for example, deals and showcasing, development, activities, and so forth, yet this business opportunity appeared to be too acceptable to even consider turning down. They quit their positions and met up to begin Shakos with a bootstrapped speculation of Rs 45 lakh. 

"We additionally presented moderate waffles for only one month in the wake of dispatching. This held clients," he clarifies. 

Formula for progress 

Shakos' milkshakes and waffles turned into success not long after dispatch. In two months, it conceded establishments to two sources in Nungambakkam and Besant Nagar in Chennai. "All the three sources have 4.5+ appraisals on Zomato (evaluated by over 650+ clients) and LBB and goes under the hand-picked list by Zomato. All the joints are open until 2 AM," he says. 

Like Keventers, Shakos sells milkshakes in jugs that clients can bring home. Shakos' exemplary shakes come in vanilla, mango, espresso, butterscotch, chocolate chip, and that's just the beginning. They are evaluated between Rs 160 (for the little size) and Rs 200 (for the enormous size). The brand additionally has premium milkshakes in the scope of novel flavours, for example, Nutella, Kit Kat, tiramisu, espresso hazelnut, banana popcorn, and some more. They are evaluated between Rs 180 (for the little size) and Rs 210 (for the huge size). Momos (Rs 99) and stacked fries (Rs 129) are likewise important for the menu. With this scope of food items and evaluating model, Shakos recorded Rs 1 crore income; a little more than a year after dispatch and is focusing on Rs 5 crore before the current year's over. 

Development technique 

The organizers intend to open 50 sources this year and 200 sources in the following two years. Dinesh adds that likely organizations for ace establishments in Bengaluru, Coimbatore and Mumbai are underway. Yet, it won't be simple going up against enormous milkshake brands - a test looked by the organizers since Shakos began. 

"The setup milkshake brands have bigger ventures, and the market is soaked with bunches of milkshake brands. Up until now, we had the option to cruise through this due to our straightforward tasks, taste and incentive for cash," Dinesh clarifies. He adds that Shakos is likewise taking a gander at a cloud kitchen model across different urban areas. "The guide for skillet India extension looks positive and cloud kitchens should be possible with negligible ventures," he says. Shakos needs to remain bootstrapped for the present. "We're not hoping to weaken the stakes. Our clients are our greatest financial specialists," Dinesh says.