Changing Dynamics of Freelance opportunities in India through industry training by FOITO

Skill development is a one-time investment to enhance proficiency and stay fully equipped, as well as to increasecapacity to perform a task with greater rates of success at the correct moment. It fosters agility while helping to pursue one’s true passion.

Changing Dynamics of Freelance opportunities in India through industry training by FOITO

According to a survey, only 25% of the Indian workforce has undergone a skill development program, and India needs a higher number of skilled workforces. In the last three years, the ministry claims that 2.5 million people have been trained through Skill India's various programs: 50 lakh people have been trained across the country through its flagship scheme, the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY); 9.33 lakh people have been certified through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program, which recognizes and certifies skills acquired through other means.

Shabbar Syed is on a mission to not only creating more job opportunities, but also developing and upskilling the working population through FOITO- his startup that is fulfilling the demand of the EdTech industry and solving the challenges faced by the students in acquiring industry valued skills. FOITO was launched in November 2018 with a unique business model providing a range of services and collaborative offerings.

Tapping both academic and non-academic Industry Skills.

The idea behind this startup was driven by the motivation to eradicate unemployment and create better contract jobs and freelancing opportunities by bridging the existing skill gap in our nation. Shabbar Syed dreamt of contributing a bit to society by securing the financial independence of the youth and providing them an additional hand in achieving their financial goals.

The idea began as a small dream, but gradually grew into an active company courtesy of immense support and faith ShabbarSyed received from his friendturned Co-Founder, Manohar Reddy. It was their collaborative efforts and passion that have helped them to sail through their business idea even during such unprecedented times like Covid 19. Nevertheless, the efforts made by ShabbarSyed were always supported and acknowledged by his family throughout. To spruce up this entrepreneurship journey, Shabbar’s father Dr. Syed Ali Shafee offered much needed advisory and turned out to become Vice President leading the entire team joining hands with along with other board of advisors and mentors. 

The core competency of FOITO lies in curating skill-focused courses that are bound to give one’s professional career a giant leap. Foito’s courses are designed incorporating evolving trends in the industry, and they are focused on helping any individual get hands-on experience on implementing such skills for real time scenarios in both professional and personality development. 

Thus, summarizing in a holistic sense, their team is helping in building an employable workforce that is ready to match pace with the changing business dynamics, and ultimately challenging the status quo of poverty and unemployment across globe.

FOITO is uniquely different from its competitors as it provides live training by industry experts cum trainers who are from all around the worldwithrelevant experience in the respective fields. 

Their contemporary Skill Evaluation Module is a three-step process, based on emotional intelligence, helping one discover their true potential and aligning with their goals by identifying their Strengths and Passions.

About the core team members of FOITO

Shabbar Syed (Founder, Director)- A visionary person with a strategic mindset and business acumen. His knowledge and practical experience make him the "Startup Man". Having a dynamic profile 5 years of experience in the industry; he is the brain behind the team.

Manohar Reddy (Founder, Director)- Having kick-started his professional career with India's leading departmental store, his creativity and designing prowess are tremendous. An expert at execution, he is the backbone of FOITO

Swagata Ganguly (Director)- A management graduate with the dynamic skill set makes her a task execution specialist driving functions such as finance and compliance. Her project management acumen brings in the much-needed value add.

Dr.Syed Ali Shafee (Vice-President)–A Dr of Philosophyin English with more than 2 decade of experience under his sleeves, his qualifications, experience, coherent thought processing, and eloquent communication skills make him a pro at conducting interaction-oriented sessions, focused at delivering the best of the technical aspects while creating an aura of reverence ideal for upskilling.

Each member of the team brings a unique set of talent, which in sync with their trust, passion, and mutual understanding help them strive through even the toughest times with grace and confidence. The core team brings in a perfect blend of strategic thinking, people management, and operational efficiency, helping to provide desirable outcomes to clients.


FOITO is a Skill Development Services Pvt Ltd dedicated to providing a talent empowerment platform for individuals and startups. It is a close-knit team of passionate and visionary individuals striving to create a culture of skill-centric learning, where knowledge is gained through practical exposure.

The story began with a goal to provide a skill-based solution to the problems associated with current education system across the Globe. The major focus is on creativity and practical teaching of specialized skills through the solution-focused training modules and other platforms.This makes FOITO World’s first talent empowerment platform that can validate skill set through its unique Skill Evaluation Module.

FOITO is your personal skill development buddy, brewing courses and revamping training methodologies to give you a first-hand experience of the real work dimensions!

“We as a team are working towards expanding ourimpact across the globe following a well thought through Management Franchise Model and have already achieved some feat with this. Further, we are working on developing a technology driven platform that allows one to showcase their skills and bag freelance projects through Foito Skill Station” states Shabbar Syed

While these plans are already in progress, a lot of benchmarks and goals are being achieved with the potential benefits toentire community of stakeholders.