COVID-19 update | The government says 2.89 cr. doses available with States

Approximately 3,250 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been provided to those who have been recorded on the CoWIN portal as masses with disabilities. In addition to this, 1.87 lakh vaccine doses have been delivered to prisoners across the nation, as per the information submitted by the Health Ministry in the Rajya Sabha during the recently held Parliament session.

COVID-19 update |  The government says 2.89 cr. doses available with States

It has been mentioned that the recorded data is extracted from the information available on the portal as of August 4.

The Ministry said on Monday that 56,81,14,630 vaccine doses have been administered to the States and Union Territories so far, via different sources. Directions to all the stakeholders on the near-to-home COVID vaccination drive have been issued making the vaccination programme more feasible and accessible to differently-abled citizens and elderly people as they are not likely to travel to the vaccination centres.

“The central government is continuously supplying COVID vaccines in enough quantity to states to prioritise the needy ones as per NEGVAC. It is also providing 15 days advance visibility of vaccine availability to States, with a suggestion to prepare in advance the district-wise plan for accelerating the vaccination coverage while being aware of the total availability of Covid vaccines”, said the Health Ministry.

Giving a glimpse of the overall vaccination drive in the country, the Ministry said the pace of vaccination had improved remarkably from an average of 2.35 lakh doses administered per day in January to jumping at an average of 43.41 lakh a day in July. The government has released detailed Operating Procedures to make the vaccination available to people not holding any identity cards including the prisoners.