Eminence’21 releases Delegate Registrations

ShARE SRCC, a new chapter of ShARE in Shri Ram College of Commerce, has launched its first-ever edition of the Grand Annual Event- Eminence'21: Be the Change, a compilation of speaker sessions, panel discussions, workshops and various competitions pertaining to the fields of Management, Leadership and Consulting with prizes worth INR 3,00,000.

Eminence’21 releases Delegate Registrations

Starting the odyssey of this fest with its flagship event, Eunoia: Seize the case, in partnership with ShARE- IIM Bangalore, we bring for the participants a quintessential platform to exercise their analysis and consulting skills in its classic case study event. To Invite the young minds out there, overflowing with zeal and enthusiasm to showcase their entrepreneurial abilities, it organised Innovatel: Where Purpose meets profit, a Business plan competition. 

Giving an opportunity to Alpha leaders to transcend the boundaries of just being a “boss” and show the eagerness to explore their leadership qualities and along the way give their own definition of leadership, we have Magnate: Défi De Leadership! in partnership with ShARE IIM- Calcutta. Last but not the least, we have Cui Bono: Concur the Crisis, in partnership with ShARE- IIM Ahmedabad and Leveraged Growth, a crisis management competition for those who can survive the pressure of a corporate crisis, and still come out using their best wits.

We introduce our inaugural keynote speaker, Shri VS Sundaresan, Executive Director, Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), who is currently heading the Integrated Surveillance Department and Commodities Derivatives Market Regulation Department and is also a Certified Associate Member of Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.

The second keynote speaker is Mr. Ritesh Chopra, the Chief Operating Officer of KPMG Global Services and Head of Capability Hubs. He has worked across the US, UK and various parts of Asia in a variety of areas and capacities. We have a seasoned leader with over 24 years of experience in the offshoring and consulting spaces to talk about his professional journey, challenges and experiences and lessons he learnt and went through before reaching this massive success.

Our third keynote speaker is Mr. Yogesh Chabria, a gem amongst authors and a transformational leader. He is the #1 bestselling author and the founder of The Happionaire Way, a global initiative to help people discover their inner greatness and find a path to living fulfilling lives in all areas. His mindful and revolutionary programs have been a boon to many leaders at Fortune 500 companies, members of the European Parliament, members of The Royal Family and many others coming from all walks of life. 

Our next speaker is Mr. Aswini Bajaj, CEO of Leveraged Growth - an advisory, consultancy and training firm, best Finance trainer award winner, for training thousands of professionals globally for exams like CFA, FRM, CA and Financial Modelling, and a corporate coach who has worked with TATA Interactive Systems, Volvo-Eicher Motors and GRSE. 

Introducing our next keynote speaker, Anand Pillai, the Managing Director of Leadership Matters-a company focusing on building an Intrapreneurial culture in organizations.He is the Chief Transformational Officer of MIND, who has been a TEDx Speaker, has won various HR, Business & Leadership awards, in recognition of his innovative work done in the areas of Talent Management, Leadership Development, and Employee Engagement.

Apart from the speaker sessions, we also have in store a riveting workshop on "Advance Excel: Data analysis through power query and power pivot" by Mr. Havish Madhvapaty. He was featured in 40 under 40 Innovators 2019, inspiring thousands of young entrepreneurs to follow their passion.

We all must have come across the very famous line “Your network is your net-worth”. Realizing its importance, we will have Ma’am Deepshikha Kumar, the Founder of SpeakIn, a TEDx speaker, the winner of the Asia Women Icon Award and one of the top women entrepreneurs with us to emphasize the importance of networking while working.  

We are also glad to have with us Ms. Tuhina Pandey, who is the Head of Communications for IBM India and South Asia and the founder of a first of its kind corporate news network.

Moreover, we have an expert lineup for panel discussions in store for our audience along with Q&A.

We, ShARE SRCC, invite delegate registrations for the amazing workshops being organized. Join us in this beautiful and fruitful journey full of fun and knowledge. Register at http://bit.ly/DelegateRegisterEminence or https://linktr.ee/ShARESRCC

For more details, please visit our Instagram page (www.instagram.com/share.srcc/) or contact:

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