Few Small Scale ideas you can start during COVID.

This pandemic is not going anywhere soon, even after it goes it will leave its long-lasting effects. This period has made us realized many important things and has shown us that no matter what and where you are, you can’t stop living your life. You just have to change the way to live. Times are tough and only the tougher ones will survive it. You have to take your swords in your hands if you want to win this battle. There are some good startups opportunities in these times and have a huge scope in the future.

Few Small Scale ideas you can start during COVID.

ONLINE TUITION CLASSES: If you’re thinking of a startup for teaching students online then you’re on the right way. Times are tough and the situation is getting out of hands, parents are worried about their kids as the syllabus in schools has already started and with their own workload, it is getting difficult for them. Therefore, they are preferring online classes instead of sending their kids somewhere. You just need proper market research and some funds.

DELIVERY OF MEDICINES: No one wants to step out of their house for medicines and checkups. Therefore, a startup related to this would be a profitable one and has chances to succeed. People are expecting someone to deliver them their medicines and are avoiding going hospital even for their regular checkups and testing. So this is a good time to grab the opportunity and to work on it.

GROCERY ITEMS: Delivery of grocery items is also something that is needed very much today. People are too worried about stepping out and going to a shop or are so busy with their workload that it is getting impossible for them to get buy items of daily needs. They’re preferring to buy it online.

AGENCY HOUSE CLEANERS: Because they are in constant fear of Coronavirus, they are not calling new house cleaners and are not even calling their regular ones because of the fact that they go in every second house. People are looking for a house cleaner that can stay with them 24/7. So, starting an agency for the same is really a good option in these times.

FUN SESSIONS FOR KIDS: Parents want their kids to involve in some extracurricular activities and are looking for such options. So providing them those classes seems a pretty good option. All you need is some god staff and good advertisement.