A glimpse of the First and Only Virtual Tech-Enabled Fertility Service Management Platform in India.

Fertility related problems are never a hot topic of a tea stall conversation in India, even in the 21st Century. These topics are only whispered among women in the balconies. Infertility is burdensome as sexual problems also impact the mental health of individuals.

A glimpse of the First and Only Virtual Tech-Enabled Fertility Service Management Platform in India.

Do you ever wish of someone who vows to hold your hand throughout your fertility journey?

Yes, then Janani, Bengaluru-based fertility tech start-up is your destination. Janani doesn’t follow the notion of “Time to make a Change”. It believes in Transforming Change and Being the Change Itself. The astonishing journey of Janani started by Mr. Nialy Mehrotra, an innovator and entrepreneur with 5+ years in business leadership. A passionate man from a family of healthcare backgrounds started his research in the 2018 healthcare sector. Mr. Nialy Mehrotra is the founder of Janani, who aims to create an end to end non gender bias platform which is neither “by women for women” nor “by men for men” rather by “humans to humans”. 

“While speaking with medical experts, I found that there was too much fragmentation in the market, and many gaps in the service offerings related to fertility management and sexual dysfunction. I realised that gender bias, stigma, and taboos were limiting the fertility care space in India.” Nilay said in an interview. 

The barriers of fertility care space in India led him to create a new standard of care for families across geographies, cultures and backgrounds. With the help of Dr SS Vasan, he launched Bangalore based Janani in June 2020. It motivates its customers, patients or users to know their body and themselves. 

Fertility Advocate

The digital platform saves time and all extra cost without even stepping into the clinic. They provide a fertility advocate for better understanding of individuals' problems and as per their requirement.  The advocate is a blend of friend and fertility counsellor to accompany the patient throughout the journey at the Janani. The advocate helps in explaining and sign-in the procedure, and also provides the fertility quiz. On the basis of the result of the quiz an expert will be assigned to the patient.

Virtual Appointment

They provide the feasibility to set up a virtual appointment according to the patient's comfort with the fertility expert. After examination and evaluation, the expert suggests a diagnostic test for a better understanding of the reproductive organs of the patient. It also helps in planning the further procedure. 

Personal Dashboards

The facility of a personalised dashboard is an ease for the patient. He/ She isn't required to move from receptions to labs to get their reports. The reports are automatically shown up at the dashboard containing the expert analysis and further actions to be taken. 

Easy Description

The data in reports are prescribed in a self- understandable manner which makes it easy to understand. It doesn’t require any net surfing or suffering. This is not all; as per the evaluation of reports by the experts, customized medicine kits are delivered at the patient's doorstep. 


The experts at Janani suggest Assisted Natural Pregnancy (ANP) before any interventions. ANP requires monitoring of two or three months and working closely with the ovulation cycle. They developed an in-house patented Ferticeuticals, a range of proprietary fertility nutraceuticals for ANP. ANP are formed to target specific fertility issues. Only if ANP fails, the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is advised. “If the male has fertility issues, this would mean Intrauterine Insemination (IUI); if the woman has the health problem, we go ahead with Invitro Fertilisation (IVF).” Dr Vasan said.

In the times of Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to Covid-19, they have to postpone the at-home fertility assessment tests until the situation stabilises. They are developing a new technology to collect semen and do the analysis at home for the patients, without any help from technicians. Even in the lockdown, they are able to stay in touch with patients due to their virtual offerings. 

“We are also working simultaneously to launch Janani in other countries. We received great early feedback from channel partners across the world,” Nilay’s word from an interview.


He sees his work as a global picture. They are planning to expand the services to Mumbai and Hyderabad. Now many investors are also interested in the start-up. Currently, in March 2021, Venture catalysts provided seed funding of Rs 8 Crore. They believe in the uniqueness of Janani i.e., full-stack digital offering for fertility care. It will make it a huge success as it’s the first of its kind in India.

“However, the biggest challenge in this industry is the lack of understanding about fertility and limited awareness about infertility treatments. And infertility is still mostly associated with women alone. Hence, most infertility care centres are women-centric,” explains Nilay. 

To spread awareness about non-gender-biased sexual wellness and fertility care in India, they do free fertility tests. They want to end the notion that a woman is always responsible for infertility problems. To solve this issue man and woman have to go hand in hand. Janani gives the exposure of the fertility journey not only as a couple but also as an individual.