Gupshup appoints Gaurav Kachhawa as Chief Product Officer.

Mumbai: Gupshup, a colloquial electronic messaging platform, has appointed Gaurav Kachhawa as chief product officer to guide the company’s overall product strategy—including product management, design, growth and analytics—and a world innovation research lab.

Gupshup appoints Gaurav Kachhawa as Chief Product Officer.

Kachhawa has antecedently worked at Adobe opposition., Twitter, Electronic Arts and Zynga. Last but not least, he was senior director of product management for the ‘creative cloud’ cluster at Adobe.

"Gaurav will be the propulsion for our next generation of colloquial electronic messaging products and innovative experiences as businesses around the world look to fulfil their customers on their most popular touchpoints," Gupshup chief operating officer Beerud Sheth stated.

"I see a tremendous opportunity ahead for Gupshup as today’s mobile and conversation-first users are seeking to act, interact, and interact with businesses in intuitive ways over their most popular communication channels, anywhere, anytime."

Gupshup is putting in place a "Conversational AI Innovation lab" in each geographic region to tap into the world talent pool and build partnerships with key business players. It offers services through which firms will produce and deploy chatbots for sales, sales and support.