How bootstrapped FlashyVideo is helping businesses explain better with explainer videos

Delhi based is a leading video production company that creates custom explainer videos for businesses.

How bootstrapped FlashyVideo is helping businesses explain better with explainer videos

Brief Overview:

Startup: FlashyVideo

Founder: Vidit Gandhi

Established: 2016

Based out of: Delhi

Sector: Video Content Creation

Funding: Bootstrapped

Have you ever found it difficult to explain a complex service, product, or business? Fortunately we have business explainer videos that could explain your complex concepts in a simple manner. These explainer videos are usually under 2 minutes. Excellent script, professional voice over and advanced visuals make these explainer videos easy to understand and memorable.

The workings

Delhi based FlashyVideo does exactly the same. FlashyVideo functions based on the B2B model wherein clients contact the company with their video requirements through online and offline channels. “The production process of our company has been refined and upgraded over the years that allows us to deliver high quality videos at competitive rates” says Vidit Gandhi, Founder & CEO of FlashyVideo.

As a leading video production company, FlashyVideo makes custom made business explainer videos. It could be in animation or live action. Both video styles has its own refined process in place. 

Animation explainer video process ( begins with taking the brief to understand the concept, converting it into an exciting script. Script is then recorded based on your selection from 500+ professional voice over artists. The next step is to create attractive visuals that are then presented through video storyboard. Then comes advanced animation where the animation is added to the graphics. Finally, by adding background music & sound effects these animated explainer videos are ready to deliver in Full HD video quality. 

Whereas as the live-action explainer video process is divided into 3 phases. Pre-Production Process, Production Process, Post-Production Process. These production phases are to ensure everything goes smoothly from planning to execution till final delivery.

“FlashyVideo follows these processes for both the styles with utmost professionalism to make meaningful and engaging videos. Since we believe in clear communication, transparency and collaborative efforts, we always keep our clients in the loop by asking for their feedback and consent at every stage.” says Gandhi.

The whole animated process takes approximately 12-15 working days to complete. The timeline for live-action is estimated at the time of the order being placed after evaluating the scope of work.

Once the explainer video is delivered, customers can use it commercially, share it across various social media platforms, broadcast it on advertising or put up on their website.

Building the core team

FlashyVideo began with just whiteboard video animation that was booming at that time. As they began delivering more work to a wider range of clients they felt the pressure of expectations rising. The clients wanted more in terms of quantity and different styles. FlashyVideo which was just rising at the time, initially could not meet with all the expectations. Then they began having onboard more experienced scriptwriters, storyboard artists and animators from all over the globe, who were proficient in their domains that came together to deliver excellent videos. This is how FlashyVideo hit the jackpot.  

Working around the challenges

Initially in 2016, getting first 10 customers was the first challenge that FlashyVideo has faced in their initial days. Finding the right talent who would be the asset of the company was the next big challenge. Marketing these explainer videos at international level and maintaining the same video quality content over the years was not so easy for them. However, with their hard work and passion they have been able to secure customer satisfaction rate as high as 99.99%.

 “We dedicated ourselves to ensure efficient explainer video scripting with top class animation. Our focus was to deliver end to end explainer video services that had made us stand apart from the crowd.” says Vidit. 

By keeping in mind the needs for the clients, they added more business explainer video styles into their portfolio like 2D character plus infographics, motion graphics, 3D product video in animated style. Live action videos like spokesperson videos, corporate videos, testimonial video, digital Ads, cinema and TVC Ads. And they are always open to discuss and brainstorm any other video styles that their clients want them incorporate.

The clients and what they do

With 5 years of experience, FlashyVideo is now a leading explainer video production company serving clients across 11 countries including the USA, the UK, Canada, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain.

So far, FlashyVideo has created more than 500 videos for businesses in Manufacturing, Education, Tech, Finance, Travel, Health, Real estate, Food, Hospitality and E-commerce industries. They have worked with more than 300 brands and start-ups and these counts are still growing steadily. 

Revenue and Market

FlashyVideo offers fixed pricing of every animated video style for the duration of 1 minute and every additional second above 1 minute is charged on “per second basis”. The cost of these videos is in between INR 10,000 to INR 60,000 and can go higher depending on the style of animation, whether it is 2D or 3D. 

Whereas pricing for the live action explainer videos depends on the scope of the work that is decided on project to project basis. Based on public demand, FlashyVideo has recently started pre-wedding video shoots and have already received overwhelming responses. They aim to strengthen their portfolio in this respect as well. 

Online video industry in India is booming like never before. With a population of more than 1.3 billion, India is one of the fastest growing economies. The popularity of smartphones has brought about a revolution in the digital space. Recent research shows that online video consumption is exponentially growing at a rapid rate as well as the audience who are consuming these videos. Companies like FlashyVideo are dedicated to meet this demand. 

The team at FlashyVideo has already proved to be the best in 2D animation & live action videos segment but for them the sky is literally the limit. With regard to 3D animation portfolio, FlashyVideo intends to broaden its horizon by taking up more and more projects. 

Currently, they are working in latest technology like virtual reality and augmented reality and want to incorporate these technologies into their animation styles to make interactive videos with an aim to help large size companies to explain their large number of products through one interactive video. The team claims to be growing its revenues to about 40 percent over the next three years.

 “With the commercial side of the business growing, our focus continues to be on the creative aspect as we are dedicated to develop interesting original content including informative explainer videos,” says Vidit.

Ultimately, the company dreams of becoming not only a global leader but also a one-stop shop for the entire range of video-related services in the corporate space.