IIT Madras incubated startup sets up Guinness Record.

Beating the record by multiple times, IIT Madras-hatched startup GUVI and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has established the Guinness worldwide best in upskilling Indians in Python programming language. They set the standard for "most quantities of clients to take a programming exercise in 24 hours".

IIT Madras incubated startup sets up Guinness Record.

Upwards of 1,12,319 individuals partook in the 'man-made intelligence for India's Initiative coordinated on April 24-25, 2021 by GUVI and AICTE which essential intend to connect 1,000,000 Indians and upskill them in the Python program language. 

"More than six lakh clients across 28 states enlisted for their profoundly expected AI-For-India occasion and around 1.12 lakh clients finished structure the face acknowledgement application in the online workshop," SP Balamurugan, Co-Founder and CEO, GUVI told ANI. 

Members from different foundations like school kids, secondary school understudies, school graduates, work searchers, and experienced IT and non-IT experts participated in the occasion. 

"Understudies and working experts from all pieces of the country, from the metropolitan places to those in distant towns, dealt with their cell phones and workstations to take programming exercises in Python during this milestone occasion. The visuals are from a neighbouring town in Tamil Nadu. Understudies and experts in these towns organized twelve streaming gadgets to go to a free online workshop dependent on Artificial Intelligence," Balamurugan said. 

"The host of the workshop was managing them on the best way to assemble a facial acknowledgement application without any preparation," he added. 

Tech applicants can benefit from an expertly curated more than 100-course inventory for an insignificant measure of 399/month or 1499/year. The certificate for that Python course will be accessible on paying a negligible charge of Rs. 1770/ - as it is given by IIT-Madras.