o9 solution: A startup that is wagering on global supply chain transformation

o9 Solution is a Bengaluru based startup for next-generation enterprises. It is an analytical, planning, and learning platform which uses a knowledge graph approach to solve large-scale transformation projects.

o9 solution: A startup that is wagering on global supply chain  transformation

Sales, supply chain, and product decision were taken on an everyday basis, affects customer experience and have an impact on the efficacy of the business model. The quick and quality decision holds significance when talking about the success of a business, especially in complex and dynamic market conditions. 

o9 Solutions is a knowledge analytics startup that changes the game for product development, marketing, sales, and supply chain planning. It also solves the need for speed. It looks at integrated business planning capabilities to transform business. It enables the team to collaborate, plan, and align on the plan, forecasts, and initiatives, besides help resources to optimize revenue and enhance the performance.

Founded by Sanjiv Sidhu and Chakri Gottemukkala in 2009, o9’s journey began much before then. Sanjiv along with Ken Sharma founded i2 after coming out of the AI labs of Texa Instruments. Both of them developed game-changing plan and supply chain management software that assembled billions in value for large manufacturers and retailers across various industry sectors.

According to Chakri, the huge market potential in India attracted them to work in the country. Seeing the country’s progression plan and initiatives like Make in India, they became very optimistic of Indian companies and are working to obtain more customers.

Initially, they spent 4 years constructing the platform’s vision, research, and setting up their R&D and product teams. Their first clients were Walmart, Asian Paints, and Bridgestone. The key to their success in receiving these clients was providing them with large value creation opportunities, quick delivery and iteratively vs big bang.

The reasons why companies are choosing the o9 platform over others are the flexibility of planning platforms like o9 adapts as the business evolves to be critical. When a company enters new verticals or changes its business model, o9 helps them to adapt. The simplicity in using the platform is critical for driving adoption and change management across many users. Chakri said, "How does one get value faster and iteratively rather than wait two to three years? Rapid, iterative implementations that deliver quick wins and value, and build on are critical for success - that's what o9 offers."