Monitor business devoid of human interference

The startup Diycam utilizes robotic process automation (RPA) to enable businesses across industries to improve efficiency and lessen dependency on manpower.

Monitor business devoid of human interference

Most of the organizations use CCTV or video analytics to do manual monitoring of compliance and operation. There are certain things that are difficult for humans to do. It is impossible for them to continuously monitor with accuracy without fatigue or distraction.The startup Diycam which is based on robotic process automation (RPA) was founded to solve this complex problem.

The major concern with video analytics is that it just provides data but doesn’t give the luxury of automated decision making. Diycam can be used in hospitals, banks, ATMs, financial institutes, Shipping and logistics. The contactless entry system, social distancing check, threat and alert management system are some of the unique features of this startup.

Their proposal is simple. In the beginning, they shortlisted certain sectors for whom they were willing to create their product. Then they approached the potential customers to showcase their product. they proved to them how their product can ease and automate their operation and lessen their dependence on manpower.

There isn’t a scarcity of video analytics companies in the market but there are fewer companies who are experts in RPA and can integrate smart hardware with video analytics. Their biggest achievement was when many of their rivals especially the video analytics companies that lacked expertise became their clients.

 The pandemic proved to be a boon for the startup. It gained new customers during the Covid-19 as there was a demand for contactless business. The customers suffered a loss in business due to manpower dependency in operations, so they preferred to get RPA done for their units and factories. With their hard work and dedication, they have touched the heights of success. The company is also in touch with VCs from Japan and India to raise funds for expanding its business and product.