Packers and Movers Wala - A startup that makes shifting of residence easy and budget-friendly

“Well begun is half done” A phrase that portraits the vision of achieving goals. Jai Swami was like other children in his childhood, carefree and active. The story began in 2019 when he released the inner potential he had and was determined to polish and put it ahead as a career option. It is well known that moving and shifting is hectic and stressful. Going from one accommodation to another is extremely laborious and messy. Recognizing this common problem breathing among us as an opportunity, Jai Swami kickstarted his voyage with his startup named Packers and Movers Wala.

Packers and Movers Wala - A startup that makes shifting of residence easy and budget-friendly

About the Startup 

 Packers and Movers Wala was founded by Jai Swami in 2019. This Mumbai headquartered startup is making shifting easy for people across India. The startup basically operates in the logistics sector. In this virtual ecosystem, the startup has an e-commerce website that provides its services to the customers’ Pan India. The business works by opting for a systematic approach. The startup’s main goal is to do all the hard work for you and to reassure you that your move will be easy and smooth. The startup offers excellent services at competitive prices making your shifting budget-friendly experience. 

Choose Packers and Movers, A-Team to take care of your next move! We promise that you will be glad you chose us!

Before finalizing the quotation proper research and survey are being carried out to provide the best service meeting the customer's aspirations. Once the customer is ready with the quoted budget, the startup carries the whole responsibility of their house re-location on their shoulders. Right from packaging to shipping everyone is done by the company only. The services are offered for local as well as Pan India.

The marketing team approaches the customers and initialises the procedure. However, if the client chooses to work with Packers and Movers Wala, the startup takes care of offering the best services with peace of mind knowing that their staff will be as efficient and careful as possible while handling all your personal belongings and precious stuff from start to end.


Challenges are opportunities standing in front of us as obstacles. Hurdles in life are a great way of moulding ourselves and the business in the best-suited manner possible according to the circumstances. Every startup comes across various hardships during its initial days of budding up, Jai Swami too encountered the same situation, stepping into a highly competitive market questioning the sustainability of your business. However, his wise consent, deep marketing understanding and his determination wiped up all the problems stopping him. He strategized the whole business, offered attractive discounts, picking the loopholes as his growth opportunity and marketing tactics sailed him to achieve a stable position in the market. 

Another challenge popped up when the second phase of Covid-19 started devastating our lives again. The situation was just like a ship sailing in the calm ocean and suddenly waves smashed it. The business was operating in a good manner and due to lockdown, everything came to a halt. Those 3-4 months were testing Jai Swami's patience and capacity to hold on. 


Motivation is like the fuel of your life vehicle, you require it throughout the journey to reach your destination. Everyone faces challenges in his life but what differentiates him from others is he chose to go through it and learn from it. Jai Swami too encountered such difficult situations while operating the startup, instead of giving up he started finding new ways to bring clients and manage the business. Rightly said, “An optimist is one who sees an opportunity in every difficulty”. Good friends help you find things you have lost- Smile, hope, and courage. Jai Swami also mentions his two gems, his friends who support him in every circumstance and motivates him. 

Roadmap Ahead

A good plan is like a roadmap, it shows the best way to get there. Packermover Wala has an organised roadmap to meet its goals. Before lockdown, the startup had established its branches in Pune and Mumbai and recently in the post-Covid scenario inaugurated another branch in Pune. For the upcoming five years, Jai Swami is aiming for expanding in Tier I cities across India. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours! 

Advice for the readers

Jai Swami emphasises not giving up. When any venture is started initially the road is full of obstacles and excuses to give up, but overcoming all of them will definitely fetch you the ripe fruit of success. So, keep trying passionately and achieve your goals.