The story of "Comedy Munch", a boom in the Comedy industry.

Earlier comedy was only limited to the Bollywood movies with special appearances from comedians! Comedy is now a serious business. In the 21st century, stand-up comedy has emerged as a popular form of entertainment worldwide and in India as well In fact, comedians these days have multiple options for making a living. From personal shows to YouTube videos, Stand-up comedy is a great way of gathering laughs with relatable content that can make you a youth icon.

The story of "Comedy Munch", a boom in the Comedy industry.

Anuj Sehgal was inspired by the quality of the content and the kind of crowd-puller it was, so he started "Comedy Munch", an exclusive digital platform for comedy. 

Delhi based "Comedy Munch" curates’ content and showcases it on the platform. It also organizes open mic events, and talent hunt programs and shows in colleges, cafes and auditoriums and offers amateur and professional comedians a platform to showcase their craft, and the country its dose of humour.

"One evening as I was watching a comedy show in Gurgaon, my love for performing arts, which has always been close to my heart, got rejuvenated. During my growing years, comedy as a performing art was not so popular, but the phenomenal emergence of comedy in recent years triggered my zeal to start the journey of Comedy Munch,” said Anuj.

Anuj is a business expert armed with 15 years of experience. He incubates start-ups and helps them scale up. A believer in “ideas can change a life” he started his journey of Comedy Munch in 2015 while working in a telecom company.

The starting year for "Comedy Munch" was the toughest. There was no product or sales team, and the platform was still in progress. It took a year for it to go LIVE, both on YouTube and on the Mobile App. The team simmered through the capital, but earnings from ads on the platform helped with customer acquisition, and cash flows soon stabilized. “Parallelly, we kept on creating the content, enabled YouTube to showcase some content to the world, and Mobile App downloads started growing rapidly and organically,” adds Anuj.

The progress of Comedy Munch was only possible because of the team of experienced professionals who are committed to promoting happiness in the workplace. “Initially I started a start-up as B2B model along telecom operator on micro-subscription model. Later, in 2018, we started looking at diverse avenues as we realized the journey of artists and how the struggling performers are always in dire need of support to shape their careers. From 2018, we successfully launched a B2C platform for budding artists helping them in their journey. We started working on content creation, distribution, monetization of original content for the artists and integrating with New Age OTT Platforms like Hotstar, MX Player Jio TV, OLA Play etc, primarily taking it beyond YouTube. We went horizontal and enabled LIVE public shows and corporate shows for employee engagement, product launch, partner meets etc” said Anuj

With focused intent, "Comic Munch" has successes in realizing not only its own but also the dreams of many artists. “I always believe that artists must get a platform to showcase their art, making this a delightful reality with a network of 400 artists is a heartwarming experience,” said Anuj.

"Comedy Munch" has garnered over 2.3 Lakh YouTube subscribers, with over 36 million views. The Comedy Munch Mobile App has seen over Four lakh App downloads on PlayStore with more than 3 lakh followers on social media. The company says it has a month-on-month revenue growth of 25 percent. Comedy Munch focus is to work for the artist, and with the artist. Laughter is the new currency, and We are building a Bharat-focused dedicated Platform for Performing Arts with a mission to help you find the best artist for your private or corporate events and can consume the best of the online original content. Connecting 1 lac artists from all the geographies of the country, including comedians, poets, storytellers, musicians and motivational speakers including established and young talent to bring happiness in your life