The tranquility bestowed by “tranquiil” in the time of Covid 19

Startup tranquil which was founded by Rushang Shah provides disinfectants resistant against various bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19.

The tranquility bestowed by “tranquiil” in the time of Covid 19

The pandemic has facilitated the disinfectant product with a good market. People are prioritizing their health leading to an acceleration in the growth of companies such as Tranquiil Specialty Product. Tranquiil was founded by Rushang Shah in 2013 and recently it developed a sub-brand called GermiGo which provides a range of eco-friendly sanitizers and surface disinfectants.

According to Rushang, primarily their target audience is the government. Their products are required by the government like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Haffkine Institute, UD city, and ICT. Their products are certified against the coronavirus from ICMR.

Silver microparticles form the core constituent of the product. The founder brings forth the beneficial characteristic of silver. It exhibits a strong bactericidal effect on bacteria and it is a prospective disinfectant in intercepting multiple infections encompassing Covid-19, TB, H1N1.

FDA endorsement and compliance with WHO guidelines make GermiGo the sole product across the world to utilize innovative formula comprising hydrogen peroxide and the technology of extraction of microparticles with alcohol in order to create sanitization solution with an ability to execute most viruses from the corona family and the pathogens. All GermiGo products are professed to be certified, natural, non-poisonous, non-perilous, and are made by recovering, protecting, continuing, and improving natural and man-made assets in an eco-friendly and financially attainable process.

GermiGo has to go through various hurdles. One of them is coping with the price centric market. The customers emphasize more the price than the quality of the product. With an increase in demand there is an increase in supply, this often paves the way to artificial goods. Therefore, Oversupply of products which are not disinfectants is the next obstacle that the team faces in their path.

Rushang envisions the company to be a global brand famous for developing the best health and hygiene products. The startup is going to inaugurate a new product series addition constituting moth-wash, hand and body wash, fruits and vegetable cleanser and meat cleaner. Tranquiil announced that they are soon going to launch worldwide campaigns to acquire better sanitization standards.