“Valyu.ai” to rescue employee from mid-month financial crisis

Startup Valyu.ai serves both the employer and the employee by making salary advancement easy.

“Valyu.ai” to rescue employee from mid-month financial crisis

The merciless onslaught of Covid-19 didn’t even spare the personal finances of millions of people and in due process assassinated the economy of many nations. The recession cost job cuts escorting the country into the path of unemployment. The vexed question is what would an employee do if he faces financial hurdles in the middle of the month. The startup Valyu.ai comes to the rescue with an accrued advance solution that enables employees to get salaries equivalent to the number of days that they have worked in a particular month. Valyu.ai is a Gurugram based startup by Rashoo Kame and Gaurav Kumar and has hired one million employees across India.

Having failed to embark on the idea of entrepreneurship, Rashoo Kame has been working on independent projects for the last two years. The idea did receive its end when one of her friends lost his job in the wake of Covid 19 finding himself in a financially deprived condition. The paucity of finance-led them to seek help from every possible means but all in vain. Nobody could lend a hand provided the severity of the financial crisis. It was then the notion of Valyu.ai came to the fore and reached its culmination.

Rashoo Kame, in order to make this venture a success, asked his colleague Gaurav for his opinion which was a positive one. Their financial background accentuated the process it must work out and the results were undoubted, promising. Valyu.ai is a B2B company that provides an interface to its employees to ask for their salaries in advance. The whole process is customer friendly and consumes less time. It doesn't even require an extra amount of paperwork and information. Valyu.ai stands apart from other loans and credit systems in the sense that customers do not have to worry about repayment with high-interest rates and poor credit history. Valyu.ai in partnership with NBFCs assists companies to provide advance salaries to customers. Many entities and family groups are sponsoring this unique Enterprise to make it a big success. More funding ensures ease of doing business. Its prime concern is mitigating the bankruptcy; the pandemic has wreaked on the lives of many. 

The success of it is not only financially rewarding but morally uplifting. It has boosted the inflicted lives by bestowing moral support to the masses. Though pandemic created havoc and claimed the lives of many yet it opened new doors and windows to whole new aspects which otherwise could not have been possible. Hence, much goes the saying ' grass is always greener on the other side.'