This startup has eased the process of acquiring your dream job with a well-drafted and ATS compliant CV.

CV is not just a file that you take with you to your interview. It is a summary of your past education, skills and personality, in a paper. A good CV can not only portray your personality in a positive way but can also help you get your dream job.

This startup has eased the process of acquiring your dream job with a well-drafted and ATS compliant CV.

Yes, what you read is 100 % true, and we want you to stay and read till the end if you want to know how you too can do the same.

 If you are reading this sentence right now, then I am 100% sure that either you are a final year student or you are someone who got rejected because of a dull CV. Right? 

This Interview with Chavi Agarwal will give you so many insights on how you can get an ATS compliant CV that can help you get your dream job. Your CV determines whether you are going to be called in for an interview or not. 6 seconds is the average time human recruiters spend on each CV. This applies to the resumes that actually make it to the human review. To get there, resumes should get through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and the algorithms that are in place to screen these resumes. Therefore, it is important to understand that it is going to be an uphill battle that your resume will be subjected to get you to a telephonic interview and to get there, it is crucial that you build a strong resume in order to get the job that appeals to the robot recruiters. 

About the Founder- 

 Ms Chavi Agarwal, Founder & CEO of CView is an entrepreneur with a demonstrated experience in Career Technology and ATS software development. She did her Bachelor’s in Finance from Warwick Business School, UK. The fire to be an entrepreneur and the urge to create something tangible for people around her led her to pursue a Master’s degree in Innovation Entrepreneurship and Financial Technology from Imperial College, London. It was at the Imperial College that she finally honed the idea of doing something for the students and recruits seeing the issues students face while applying for jobs globally.  She has worked in eminent startups and one of the Big4s in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions. She has mentored more than 1000 students and has given 100+ webinars all across the globe to actively contribute to the student and youth community. Ms Chavi Agarwal is also the recipient of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2020 by Indian Achievers Award. 

 Ms. Agarwal saw a huge gap in the market between the recruits and the employers. She noticed that students did not know the importance of an effective CV and did not even know that their CV went to certain software called the Applicant Tracking System and not to a human anymore. She observed that maximum applications globally are rejected because of a poor CV. Upon research in the market, she also realized that existing services are generic and create CVs out of prototype templates. This is when she combined her knowledge from personal experiences with her learning in artificial intelligence and machine learning and started CView, a software development company that combines AI and Human Expertise to guide students with their first impression into a firm- their CV and to ease their job applying process. She combined her human expertise with artificial software and built an in-house Applicant Tracking System to easily churn out CVs so the students would be able to get better opportunities. She was able to see scope in this field which is still manual, in a technologically heavy environment.

 Coming from a business background, with sound experience as a consultant in many reputed companies, she came across many CV’s of people who were highly talented and skilled but yet, did not land a job! “I had my idea while I was applying for jobs in the UK, and understood that there is a global gap in terms of the job application system and people were not emphasizing on the first point of contact which was their CV or application in the process. They were completely missing out on it and that was leading to the maximum number of failures in the application process.”  

She never had a moment where she couldn't think of herself as an entrepreneur. So, all the steps were categorically crafted and ordered to do the same, whether it was studying or getting a particular degree. She was interested in creating an analytical skill set in the very beginning when it came to studying finance and then going for innovation entrepreneurship rendered her idea of creating CView.

 Australia, the U.S., Singapore, New Zealand, South America and India are the countries where CView has provided its services and continue to do so. 

Execution and future plans 

 Chavi always believed that if you can dream it, then you can get it. She started executing all this while she was at Imperial College, London. Along with it, she started learning Artificial Intelligence because she understood that it is going to be the future of things and she found it really important to build an Application Tracking System that will make the job processes much easier. 

CView provides two offerings- B2B that license their software to multiple startups and MSME. 

Second is the B2C offering, which is done globally. It provides students with end-to-end ATS compliant CV service. This helps them understand how the ATS work in creating an ATS compliant CV which would impress the HR and help them acquire their dream job.

“So how we started executing the B2B part mostly comes from my personal networking. I started reaching out to more and more startups and MSME’s in the U.K. to explain to them the value of ATS that if you will receive multiple applications, one software- the ATS will already filter out everything and that is going to make your task so much easier. We were working on this and we tried to explain this to them through multiple pitches, rounds of incubators etc. and that is how we started getting on with a small licensing project where we provided HR consultancy via ATS to a group of startups.” 

 However, with the B2C she was quite a spectacle. Chavi started this B2C offering just to understand whether actually this product is needed at all or not in the market. She was trying to do a hypothesis testing for the ATS and it actually turned into a B2C.


What are the challenges you faced during your journey as an entrepreneur? 

 Like every other entrepreneur, she also faced multifold challenges during her journey. The first and the major issue was that she was a layman when it came to ATS. But her dedication for it was far more than her challenges. “Suddenly I decided one day that I’m going to make this huge software which will have the biggest number of funnels in the software industry. It was all surreal, I did not know how to get started on it. But it is extremely important to use the resources with you and around you very strategically.” 

 Every day is a constant challenge with a B2C company because you face many different clients daily. You learn so much about students and recruits. One of the challenges is dealing with a female perception in technology,. When you talk to partners, investors, collaborators they ask really different questions which they would never ask a male entrepreneur. “Somebody asked me how long are you going to do this for and I was like WOW! I didn’t even think about having an option of not doing this.” 

 People, investors, partners and collaborators kept second-guessing her commitment and hence the longevity of the business. As a woman entrepreneur, she saw herself constantly working harder to showcase her passion, ambition and her long-term vision. She found herself explaining her vision and the enormity of it more than any male counterpart would ever have to.

 People expect women to be working in women-oriented businesses and the challenge then is to constantly face an ongoing perception battle. Although, what keeps her going is the fire and the urge to provide a new and improved value proposition to the youth, globally.


What have been the most influential books, podcasts or resources which motivated her to stick to this idea? 

Nothing in this world can ever make an entrepreneur happy more than his/her satisfied customers. Chavi being a startup aficionado has the same story. She’s a person who neither reads nor listens to podcasts.

 Being very honest and hilarious, she told Startup Times that now when she does podcasts, she sometimes wonders who is going to listen to her. What keeps her on the track is real-life experiences and the joy of working. “When you’re in a customer-oriented business and when you see something magical happening with the person who you provided your service, that is something that truly inspires me,” she said.


Any advice for young entrepreneurs? 

On asking for a piece of advice for other young entrepreneurs out there, she said, “There’s this misconception that you need an out of the box idea, huge investment and a well-defined education backing you up for starting a startup, which is, of course, a myth. My idea was never path-breaking. I was just creating a better value offering. I did not have any external investment put into this journey, it’s a zero-debt company with a 92% profit ratio and I’m not even from a hardcore technical background. It’s just the part of the vision that makes you do what you ought to. You just need the will and the urge to create value for people and address existing problems in the market. We are constantly told to innovate something unique, be disruptors and create new markets to be called an entrepreneur. That is not true, you can be innovative in the way you tackle a problem by creating a new value proposition for the market."