What is success? For different people success has a different definition, it depends on you how you portray the idea of being successful in life. Most people think being rich means being successful, but that is not the truth! For some, this theory may apply, but some may want to travel the world, to achieve liberty from the chaos of the world is the real success.


So, why it is so important to be successful?

Our zeal to achieve a greater purpose in life is what keeps us going learning, failing, and in the end shaping us better people. The aim behind achieving success is not the destination but the journey will teach you to push a bit more, to fight a little more to overcome the obstacles and pursue happiness. 

Here are 5 quotes that successful people follow to be focused and consistent throughout their voyage:-

  • Success is not the end; Failure is the new beginning: When people start trying something different, they seem to expect the results too soon. When you dedicate your hard work and energy towards anything and when it fails, people tend to give up and lose hope. Remember, with every try, you get exposure to the same thing from different angles. Don’t judge failure as the end, instead see it as the beginning of the new chapter.
  •  Opportunities are the doors that your perspective opens:  There are ample opportunities everywhere, it’s the game of your vision, how creative an approach you adopt for seeing the world. Your ability to identify opportunities depends on how you approach life and how positive you are. Also, your determination power to judge whether the opportunity in front of use is the right option to be pursued nor not.
  • Success is the reward of risk-taking: Taking risks seems scary and risky, especially when you are completing in doubt and confusion. Risk involves uncertainty and change, it is challenging, and test your patience and survival skills in different scenarios. If you refuse challenging paths in your life, you will end up rejecting every opportunity to be successful and will surely result in ordinary life with a certain future and no excitement. Taking risks also eliminates the possibility of regretting, “what if?”, even if you fail you will have the satisfaction that at least you tried.
  • Comfort Zone is the biggest enemy of success: Comfort zone is the biggest enemy of human potential to achieve something great in life, when people remain in their comfort zone they remain in their lives as well as left out pieces, with no ambitions and achievements with deep sorrow. Human minds attract towards safety, safety is tied with certainty.  Try once to leave your comfort zone and you will see wonders happening in the positive direction.
  • Consistency is the key to success:  Consistency means focusing on the task at hand presently and practising with a long-term vision. 
  • Consistency has a major role in your success story. Consistency makes your habits, habits structure your daily actions and in the end, action leads to success. Set a daily task for yourself to achieve. Start small, don’t try to do multitasking. Pay all your focus on the goal that you want to achieve. Keep aside all your distractions.

Consistency is all about repetition, repeating the same thing daily will help us to analyze it and get feedbacks every new day, this will help us to grow and be consistent.  

Hope these are helpful and will assist you in your journey to achieving success in life.