CollarCamp: friendly and simplified living

Success is not overnight. It is when every day you get a little better than before. It adds up. -Dwayne Johnson

CollarCamp: friendly and simplified living

It is said right and we have a live example of this quote with us. This is the story of Priyanka Sharma and her husband Shashank. Together they established CollarCamp.

The beginning 

CollarCamp was established in 2017 by entrepreneurs-parents- husband-wife Capt. Shashank & Priyanka Dake Sharma. One fine day, whilst sailing during one of the duty trips on the ship, they were amazed by the neatness and discipline with which the whole crew of the ship co-existed within the minimum amount of space for the maximum amount of time considering one can be on the ship for months altogether.

Just as a ship sails smoothly overlooking every need of its officers, managers and crew, CollarCamp thus was created to be a homely stay filled with motherly care for all its guests. And now with its various laterals for Co-Living, Co-Studying/ Working & Co-Sharing as an effort to create a community of like-minded individuals, CollarCamp hopes to bring the care a mighty and motherly ship provides to all her on-board children for a simplified living!


Success without challenges is rare right! Well, Priyanka too had to face many challenges initially which are still there but she keeps a smile on her face and believes in tackling them happily.

Currently, the challenge they are facing is the impact of Lockdown when borders were sealed, institutes closed. We pivoted our strategy and worked for the Vande Bharat mission wherein we helped in the repatriation of 8000+ seafarers during a pandemic. We provide safe quarantine stay with healthy meals and facilitated covid testing.

Things that kept them going.

No matter how bad a situation is, everyone has something that keeps them going and motivated. 

On asking Priyanka, what kept her motivated she tells Startup Times.

"Innovation and implementation are our key strengths."

Present situation & future.

Currently, they have 40+ properties at Navi Mumbai and 10,000+ bedrooms in PAN India. In the next 5 years to plan to expand to at least 10 metro cities across India.


On asking for a word of advice, they say, "Entrepreneurship is not about starting up. It is about consistency during your entrepreneurship journey. Strength lies in empowering the team, unlearning yourself while taking all stakeholders along".