Sanjana Nagendran: A YouTuber; interior designer and a Human Rights fighter.

When Sanjana started her journey, she was just 17 years old. She started as a freelancer when she was in college. Talking about her: Sanjana is a very practical person and believes in real experience rather than just theoretical knowledge. She also owns a YouTube channel and at such a young age she is doing a great job.

Sanjana Nagendran: A YouTuber; interior designer and a Human Rights fighter.

The beginning 

By profession, she is an interior designer and has completed 20+ residential and commercial projects till now. She shares, "I started with a very small project at a hill station and I was paid 4 thousand for that, that was my beginning but I knew that a journey is waiting for me."

Soon after this, she started researching; how e-commerce works. 

Later she joined a company named Livspace as a sales executive. As Sanjana knew South Indian languages, this was the right opportunity for her to showcase her talent. She did it and she was the one to generate major conversions in that company. 

Sanjana shares, "Working with Livspace was a nice experience, I learned a lot there and this experience helped me in my entrepreneurial journey."

The life ahead

Sanjana is an independent woman, she always had an entrepreneurship zeal inside her. In 2019 finally, she founded ”Artism.”

She started with fashion and lifestyle. Currently, "Artism" is all about fashion branding, lifestyle, home luxury and even cosmetics. Now, as we all know that Covid has impacted many lives, Sanjana's was no different in this matter. She too came to a stagnant zone for some time. Later, she understood, that was the time to fight and bring more. And within no time, her luxury collection came out. She kept her motivation high and came up with new ideas in her business even during the lockdown.


Sanjana is not only a YouTuber and an entrepreneur, she is also a member of UNICEF India. Not only this, she has been awarded the India Women Achievers Award as well. Also, the SIWAA for being an outstanding homeruperner and the Forever India Award for being a multi-talent inspiration to many.

She is just 22 but her achievements are greater than many adults out there. At such a young age, she has not achieved a lot but she is also an inspiration to all the women as well men out there sulking over their failures and regretting their lives. 

Sanjana is a courageous woman and believes in doing something extraordinary for a better world. She wants to see a peaceful world for which she is running a campaign to fight for human rights which is known as No Caste No Religion. Sanjana hardly believes in bringing a change for which she says, "Only we can bring a change in this world, everyone thinks but no one does if you want to see the change- start from yourself and take the action." 

She is also associated with the Change Organisation where she takes her own petition out there fighting for human rights.