House of herbs Jaipur: the modern way to shop for herbs from the comfort of your home

The House of herbs Jaipur’ provides all kinds of dry herbs as well as non-plant compounds used in the traditional system of medicine in India.

House of herbs Jaipur: the modern way to shop for herbs from the comfort of your home

“With hard work and dedication, anything is possible”

Dedication; is such a beautiful word with such a beautiful definition. Well, we must not be the only platform telling you this. You must have already heard many stories of dedication from many other sources. Today we bring you the story of the father-son duo who worked together to solve the problem of low-quality herbs in India, and today they have created The House of Herbs Jaipur’, the modern way to shop for high-quality herbs that too from the comfort of your home.

The beginning

Well, every story has a beginning, isn’t it? This story starts with a boy born and raised in a middle-class family of 4. Yes, we are talking about Mr. Shibli Baig, the man behind ‘The House of Herbs Jaipur.’ Growing up, he always found himself drawn toward different things. These varied interests in him made it very hard for his parents to decide on Shibli’s actual inclination.

He spent most of his life in Jaipur. He did his schooling at St Xavier’s School in Jaipur.

“By the time I was in 10th, I had a general idea about what I wanted to do. I opted for PCM-IP, as my stream which would eventually catapult me into B Tech after my +2,” mentions Shibli.

Then he completed his B Tech from The LNM Institute of Information Technology. It was in the 4th year that he had this realization that a single degree won't be enough for him and that he was still willing to spend a few years buried in a book. So, he chose to go for an MBA.

The motivation

Someone has said it right-

“When you have the reason, the motivation to do something different, things happen”

So, we made sure to ask Shibli what motivated him to take the step forward and keep going, to do something unconventional. To which he said, “Throughout all this, my motivation was my family. They were always an integral part of every decision I ever took, especially my father. He always made sure I was going forward in a sensible direction. To this day, his opinion matters to me the most.”

Indeed, when your own family supports you, you become unstoppable.

The idea

Every tree was once a seed. The seed of ‘The House of Herbs Jaipur, was sown after during a conversation between Shibli and his father, Dr. Wahid Baig.

“The idea came after a discussion, I was having with my father. We always knew there was a gap between the supply and demand of quality herbs that are cleaned and sorted. As a user himself, my father struggled from this himself, and when I joined hands with him, we decided to bring forth a solution for the same.”

The idea was conceived in October of 2020, and the business started in Dec 2020.

One asking Shibli, what he loved the most about his business, he said,“From day one, the uniqueness of the demands is something which has always been the most interesting part. I love how you can never know everything. There is so much to learn, so much knowledge to be gained all the while helping people.”

The challenge

Growth and challenge are the two parts of the same coin. Where there is growth, there come challenges. On asking Shibli about the kind of challenges he faced, he mentioned that the biggest challenge for him would be inventory management and the variety of demands.

“My biggest challenge has been inventory management. The vast variety of products and varying demands mean that I am always playing catch up with the items that I need to keep. Another challenge is the customization offering. As people increased, their customization demands started getting too specific, which has come to a point where a different production method is required for every customer. But this also paves the way for the motivation that I have. Both I and my father want to work for the furtherment of the Unani system of medicine. No matter how hard, we strive to serve every customer to make sure the Unani system of medicine reaches its glory days and beyond.”

The service

‘The House of herbs Jaipur’ provides all kinds of dry herbs as well as non-plant compounds used in the traditional system of medicine in India. They also provide options to create bespoke mixtures and concoctions as well as a wide variety of ready-made traditional nutritional supplements.

Having 9 employees with Mr. Shibli and his father Dr. Wahid working at the company currently, everyone is invested in the company and is always trying to learn more and more about the materials they are working on.

Shibli also mentioned, “All of our employees enjoy the challenging work environment and put in their best efforts to fulfill the order in time.”

The present and future of the company

Currently, they are supplying products to over 1000 customers in over 50 Indian cities and over 10 cities abroad. The goal is to reach even more people and establish a stronger supply chain.

“In 5 years, I see our physical presence in at least 10 Indian cities. A network of distributors in more than 25 cities to ensure maximum reach of medicines in all corners of India,” shares Shibli.

A word of advice

We asked him to leave some advice for our dear readers to which he said, “To all people reading it, I would like to suggest you explore traditional remedies. I know this may seem like a blatant promotion, but my work with 100s of traditional medicine practitioners in India and abroad has taught me, that long-term resolution lies in the traditional system. I know a lot of you may be struggling with health issues. Go ahead and see how we can help. You will be surprised to see the results.”

Well, this is it for now. We hope we can bring you the stories to motivate you and help you. Kindly, leave your valuable suggestions so that we keep bringing you the best.