How this startup is spreading awareness, nurturing relationships and helping in growing revenue with their digital solutions.

The Internet has swivelled our existence upside down. It has revolutionized communications, to the extent that it is now our preferred medium of everyday communication. In practically everything we do, we use the Internet. Ordering a pizza, buying a television, sharing a moment with a friend. The Internet can be seen demonstrating its domination everywhere, Healthcare doesn't remain untouched.

How this startup is spreading awareness, nurturing relationships and helping in growing revenue with their digital solutions.

Ravi Singh Kushwaha founder of "Blueocean Healthcare", an MBA graduate from Amity business school, Noida started "Blueocean Healthcare", Blueocean Healthcare is an innovator and market leader in Healthcare Marketing and Technology services. They develop Inbound Marketing Plans, manufacture Medical Software’s and Implement strategies used by an array of healthcare practitioners in the process of gaining access to the Healthcare digital system for Brand Recognition and positioning in selected Target Market at the Least Possible time in a cost-effective & efficient way.

"After almost working for 6 years in Mumbai & in the healthcare segment, I realised that Healthcare Awareness & Patient Education is a leading problem in India and it is really important to educate and give the correct advice to the patient," says Ravi Singh Kushwaha.

Firstly Ravi started social groups and pages on Orkut,  FB, Insta & LinkedIn for patients’ awareness. He wished to start Blueocean Healthcare in 2011 however he failed due to financial liability. In 2017 with the strong assistance of his wife & family, he started "Blueocean Healthcare International Private limited" where they work for Hospitals, Doctors & Patients to create a positive impact on Patients’ lives with the help of their strong technological heritage and digital strategies.

"It's difficult to get much business In Metropolitan cities like Mumbai & Delhi NCR, as most of the hospitals already have their websites & other digital solutions like the Patient portal, EMR, Mobile Apps & Softwares. Also In tier 2 cities, it was hard to persuade Doctors & hospitals to go online & share information digitally, they were more predisposed towards offline activities like Healthcare camps, publishing articles in newspapers & awareness through events. Sametime it's really hard to get the right kind of employee as you have very thin pockets at an early stage, says Ravi Singh Kushwaha.

To start getting some revenues he started providing offline marketing solutions to healthcare companies who want to publicize their product in the healthcare segment without hiring their marketing team or need extended marketing support. 

"Currently we are administering more than 100 clients Pan-India & Internationally in the US & UK. As currently Digital boon in the healthtech segment where every hospital or doctor wants to connect & engage with patients digitally, we are confident to scale heights", says Ravi Singh Kushwaha.