NIMBLE GROWTH, A Startup that believes Health requires Healthy Food

The organic food industry in India is an extremely disorganized market segment. This industry was estimated at $0.85 billion in 2020. In coming years, the market will grow approx. more than 20.5

NIMBLE GROWTH, A Startup that believes Health requires Healthy Food

Rahul Saria and Nagendra Kalkuli have founded Bengaluru based Nimble Growth Organics in 2017. It produces a wide range of organic food such as fruits, vegetables, exotics and greens. 

“We wished to do something for the society, which can have multi-fold benefits. We chose to develop quality food that will change from chemical cultivating to organic cultivating," said Rahul, who has worked with very well-known companies like Vedantu and Rentomojo. 

Nagendra comes from an agricultural family and had a decent understanding of the real basis of the farming areas. Despite the fact that he went through near twenty years with the innovation business, he said agriculture has been consistently his obsession. 

As per a statement by Nimble Growth, over a land of 500 acres, it is producing about 150 tonnes of organic products with around 250 farmers. The company cultivates at Haveri, rural Bengaluru, and various other regions like Karnataka. The farm products are sold in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. 

Nimble Growth Organics is one of those startups which was founded by excellent minds with similar business visionaries with the sole aim to work on something for our farmers and the Indian consumers. The founders left their handsomely paying jobs and focused to start Organic farming which is chemicals-free. It serves pure, natural, authentic and organic food for society. It provides a sustainable income to farmers and also benefited the soil quality of farms of India. 

From the past 3 years in a row, Nimble is affirmed. Nagendra, Co-Founder, Chief Farmer, Nimble said “We have a solid enthusiastic group which centres around Organic F&V through our exclusive in-house created Package of training. We focus on the validity and strength of Soil, individuals, farmers and the climate. We are here to cause an imprint in this universe and we have developed fundamentally since the most recent three years and will undoubtedly develop complex in the few years. To oblige the change prerequisites of our customers we have made a differentiated hep portfolio and we are hostage also authorities cultivating of natural organic products and vegetables. We supply 80+ SKUs."

We work with our farmer partners by guaranteeing quality creation with the utilization of innovation and our one of a kind in-house created exclusive Package of Practice (POP) which is interesting for each harvest. We make commitments for quantity and provide prices way above the market prices with an assured minimum price even if the market prices descend. We additionally deal with the total supply chain of the executives and guarantee consistent conveyance to our clients. The uniqueness of the startup is its transparency and tractability in our values, which we provide to our customers. This is the reason for our healthy and trustworthy relations with customers. 

Rahul, Co-founder said, “At first our prime centre was to recognize the correct area and farmlands, strategize production plan, farmers on-boarding and exploring different avenues regarding a couple of yields for R7D. We planted the seeds beginning mid-2017 and the collecting of harvests began in 2018. Hence, we extended the region under development from 4 acres of land to 22 acres trebling the various crops. Our company is crystal clear with our thoughts and ethos around natural produce. 

We care about wellbeing, climate, soil, farmers, and shoppers. This has assisted us with pushing ahead in our excursion. Today, we supply more than 110+ metric tonnes monthly and work with 500+ acres of land. Going ahead, we intend to grow essentially by expanding the captive farms to 200+ acres and collaborating with 1000+ farmers in 2021. We enjoy the geological benefit of extending to Maharashtra, Telangana, Chennai, Goa, and Kerala because of the closeness of these spots from our production farms. Aside from this, we are additionally planning to accomplish a top-line of USD 11 million later on.” he added.