When the world was fighting for health, this Indian startup came as a rescue.

Saurabh Talwadia is an IIT - IIM alumnus and CEO of Nuti Food Science Pvt. Ltd. ,he is a first generation entrepreneur in his family.He started NutiFoodScience with a vision of starting a healthy world revolution by producing healthy and nutritious foods and beverage products using vedic style recipes and making them available at affordable prices and accessible to all.

When the world was fighting for health, this Indian startup came as a rescue.

The Initial life story 

He completed his B.tech from IIT Delhi and he belongs to a middle class family that too from a small town called Banswara in Rajasthan .

Until 2019, he was working in a senior leadership role with a multinational firm. His work required a lot of travel and he always found it difficult to get healthy and nutritious packaged food products during his travel.

He and wife Reenu always wanted to start producing healthy and chemical free food  and thought of starting organic farming. 

How did the idea come up

In mid 2019, he met his colleague Krishan Veer who also envisioned a healthy world vision like them.

They began their search for the land where they met Vijay who was an agri-preneur and well versed with fruits and vegetables farming. After immense research and surveys they realised that only farming will not solve the problem of adulteration and use of toxins in food products. They need to work on the end products, which are directly consumed by the end consumers.

The Brand 

In late 2019, they decided to put all their hard earned money to start a food processing unit where they would use only farm-fresh fruits & vegetables and  authentic traditional Indian spices and named the  brand ‘Nuti’. 

Nuti is a sanskrit word which means worship. As per Indian culture it's  believed that food is divine and worthy of worship because just as God, food also performs the triple functions of creation, preservation and destruction.

Finally on the 1st Jan 2020 Saurabh along with his wife Reenu, Krishanveer and Vijay started   operations and teamed up with researchers, doctors & food scientists to formulate healthy recipes.


They are self funded FMCG startup so it was very difficult for them to arrange huge capital for the Manufacturing unit .The setup  was a big challenge  for them and they invested their hard-earned savings.

secondly, it was difficult to convince people that natural products with no harmful chemicals   can create batches of products which may  slightly differ in taste ,colour and texture . 

Thirdly,  immediately after starting this venture world was hit by Corona and all the  businesses were shattered ,they almost lost hope !  But this was the best time for them to serve the nation and they launched their immuneNUTI range of chemical free products as people became more aware of their health and demand for Healthy, nutritious and chemical free food products grew.The world started moving towards their vision i.e. healthy world revolution.

Present Situation 

They are happy to share that the company Is earning a monthly turnover of  30 to 40 lacs, they have expanded to  55+ cities Pan India and hoping for a better business in the coming year .

The pandemic has taught us to be more conscious about their health.

When we reboot our body systems, food plays  a very important role.

Road Ahead  

They are looking  aggressively for penetrating into the market by making themselves available in each and every town in India.

There is a huge demand for traditional Vedic style products in Europe and USA and they are also looking forward to expand the business in Exports.

Their USPs

Within a span of very short time they are able to cater to each and everyone's needs.

Their products can be categorised under  Gluten free ,Natural ,vegan , diabetic friendly ,kids friendly etc . They have wide range of products  like traditional pickles to  sauces, vinegar, chutneys and Immunity Boosting unique Vedic Products called "ImmuneNuti" which includes products like Turmeric Latte Powder,Seed mix ,pachak powder ,Tea masala etc.

As all the products are vegetarian, affordable, healthy and finger licking delicious, it’s getting popular in both urban and rural markets. The manufacturing unit is strategically located in Greater Noida, so that the company can easily capture the Delhi-NCR market and being connected to the major highways, railways and airport; company can easily provide hassle free transport to all over India and worldwide. 

The management believes in empowering women and has more than 80% women employees in their production unit. Management also wants to work towards uplifting the status of farmers by buying the produce directly from them.

On asking ,"What kept them going ?"

The founder said, "A dream to be available in each and every store in our country and to percolate  healthy world vision with our Vedic style recipes Globally."