How this startup made parking easy?

Get My Parking is an IOT based shrewd stopping stage established by Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare in 2015.

How this startup made parking easy?

Fundamental Information Get My Parking is based out of New Delhi and interfaces diverse make and sort of stopping framework, giving total permeability and control to the stopping administrator or city board. The organization has been sponsored by any semblance of Indian Angel Network, The Chennai Angels, IndusAge Partners, BeeNext, and Sunil Munjal. 

STARTUP How this IIT Madras graduate found a path around hindrances to 'Get (my) Parking' across the world By Sindhu Kashyaap|2nd Mar 2019 IoT-driven stage Get My Parking assists clients with looking and explore to the closest accessible parking garage, or even save a spot. Nonetheless, working with governments end up being extreme, until they found a path around it. 116 CLAPS +0 Parking misfortunes are general, regardless of which city you're on the planet over. In this way, when IIT Madras graduated class Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare an MBA from FMS, Delhi, met 2012 at Jagriti Yatra. They met up to make it simple to discover a parking space, they accepted they would be capable address this problem area always and began to Get My Parking in 2015. 

Their answer, Get My Parking, is a portable application that permits clients to look and explore to the closest parking area. It gives progressed stopping investigation arrangements that can help sort out the to a great extent chaotic industry. It likewise offers answers for stopping contractual workers (venture arrangements), governments (keen city), framework accomplices (stage coordination), and shoppers (versatile applications). A long time since firing up, and notwithstanding having a solid market, the going was not extraordinary. Furthermore, this after three rounds of subsidizing - Angel financing of Rs 2.5 crore (January 2016), pre-Series A subsidizing of Rs 7.35 crore (January 2017) and Series A Funding of Rs 19.2 crore (October 2017). 

"While the issue (of stopping) is enormous, policymakers are not finding a way to present innovation, and approaches and guidelines are delayed to make up for a lost time," says Chirag. He adds that while there are various advantages the organization can profit off as a startup, the primary issue is working with various state governments and municipal bodies. "Persuading government specialists about our aptitude as a merchant has been troublesome, as they don't normally permit youthful organizations to take an interest." While new companies are eager to work with governments, says Chirag, his experience has been that administration bodies are not yet open to working with new businesses. 

Along these lines, while governments contemplated throughout the subsequent stages, Get My Parking chosen to search for greener fields - abroad. Chirag and Rashik went into an essential association with Germany-based APCOA Parking, the main stopping administrator with tasks in 13 nations, to send their IoT stage. Get My Parking is currently assisting APCOA with digitizing and oversee stopping tickets. This thusly will help the administrator control and investigate the use of the parking spot. The application effectively incorporates with any entrance control equipment for a start to finish versatile based stopping the executive's framework with next to no forthright speculation. With APCOA, the startup currently plans to scale its advanced stage to contact over 1.4 million stopping spaces across more than 9,000 areas. Get My Parking's answer additionally permits a client to hold a stopping space and offers ticketless mechanized admittance and credit only exit.