How this Women Entrepreneur running IT firm bagged Global Miss India 2019 with all her Will Power and Passion.

"Don't wait for an opportunity, create it !" Often we come across this quote, today we have covered a true live inspiration "Dashmeet Kaur" depicting this quote in every particular sense.

How this Women Entrepreneur running IT firm bagged Global Miss India 2019 with all her Will Power and Passion.

Born and brought up in a middle-class family of Chandigarh, Since childhood, she has faced many hardships but her inner power never let her backstep at any cost. She is a blend of determination, hard work with the essence of self-confidence in it. 

She has acquainted herself with knowledge and wisdom. She has pursued MBA in International Management and HR, PG Diploma in HR and Administration. Not limiting herself, currently, she is pursuing an MA in Psychology (Clinical). 

Dashmeet Kaur believes in never giving up and never stops learning. The achievements she has accomplished is in direct proportion to the never-ending efforts she has applied in the process.

Today, She is the Founder & CEO of "Zavvy Solutions" an IT Consulting and Outsourcing Firm. Zavvy Solutions offers all Technology, Innovation, Digital Consulting and Outsourcing services. The team of experts and professionals provide solutions that eradicate their client's problems. The firm endeavours to help clients, candidates, business professionals and entrepreneurs to excel and win in every domain in the evolving sophisticated world of competition.

Zavvy Solutions offers a wide range of services that suits and fits every problem of the client. 'You name it and Zavvy has it! '

Zavvy Solutions is a leading brand which provides you all solutions under one roof. The best part of Zavvy is that you can build your complete business easily without any hassle. Our mission is to save your time, money and make your brand earn more value in the market.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Recruitment, Payroll, Training, Counselling, Software Solutions, Branding, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Services, Registrations and Filings.

Zavvy Solutions has the vision to assist its clients by offering cost-effective solutions to their problems. They believe in "Less Cost and Attrition rate that converts into High Revenue and profits". 

Outsourcing can help businesses to shift their focus from peripheral activities towards work that serves the customers and helps managers to set their priorities more clearly. Make faster deliveries to customers: Outsourcing helps to make quicker deliveries to customers.

Zavvy Solutions is very prompt and professional when it comes to serving its customers.

Dashmeet Kaur is a multi-talented personality, she has made her name in the domain of modelling and acting. With immense pride, she has bagged Pageant Titles like Global Miss India 2019 and Diva Miss India 2019. She has also appeared in a few songs and movies so far. 

"Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". Dashmeet's goal is to never stop chasing your dreams. She has a firm belief that your dreams help you to grow and explore new things beyond your boundaries that never exist. She always helps people who are struggling and having a tough time. Since her childhood, she faced ignorance and loneliness. She was an introverted personality having low self-esteem therefore she lacked making friends. She had gone through major depression for many years but still, her inner hunger and zeal to achieve something for her and her family made her face every obstacle that came as a barrier in her way. Throughout her journey her parents supported her. She is very thankful and blessed to have such great parents who encouraged, boosted and supported her whenever a tough time arrived in her life. Without thinking of society her parents gave her liberty and moral support to start her own venture.

Her father is a businessman and her mother is a house maker. She also has one brother who is pursuing Chartered Accountancy.

Dashmeet Kaur is a true inspiration for every woman who gives up even without fighting hardships that come to their path. Always mould your life with the power of your passion and hard work, not what society will say. 

Dashmeet's accomplishments in different fields present an example of how anyone can achieve anything, nothing matters except your determination and willpower to achieve it. 

As a part of her future endeavours, she is aspiring to become a Clinical Psychologist. 

We wish her All the Best to achieve more heights in the bright future!