LegalTech Revolution: The Story of Valsco Technology and Jurident 

In Delhi, brothers Sanidhaya Agarwal, a computer science engineer, and his lawyer sibling founded Valsco Technology Pvt. Ltd. to revolutionize legal practice with their innovative platform, Jurident. Combining tech and legal expertise, Jurident offers features like case management, automated document generation, and real-time legal updates. Targeting India’s $1.3 billion legal market, Valsco aims to make advanced legal tech accessible through a subscription model. Despite fundraising challenges, the team’s resilience and diverse skills drive continuous innovation, positioning Jurident as a leader in LegalTech.

LegalTech Revolution: The Story of Valsco Technology and Jurident 

In the bustling city of Delhi, where the traditional meets the modern, an inspiring story of innovation unfolds. Sanidhaya Agarwal, a computer science engineer, and his brother, a practicing lawyer at the Delhi High Court, often found themselves discussing the challenges and opportunities within the legal sector. One evening, amidst their discussions, a groundbreaking idea was born—a concept that would bridge the worlds of law and technology in ways never imagined before. 

The Birth of an Idea 

Sitting in their living room, surrounded by law books and tech gadgets, the Agarwal brothers envisioned an application that would revolutionize legal practice. Sanidhaya, with his tech-savvy mind, and his brother, with his deep legal expertise, saw the potential to create something transformative. This was the moment Jurident came to life—a platform designed to digitize and streamline everyday legal work for professionals. 

Building the Dream 

With determination and a clear vision, Sanidhaya founded Valsco Technology Pvt. Ltd. Their mission was ambitious: to create an application that not only simplified legal processes but also connected law students with internships at prestigious firms and provided clients with direct access to legal experts. Jurident would operate on a subscription model, making cutting-edge legal tech accessible to all. 

Innovative Features for Modern Law 

Jurident offers a suite of features tailored to meet the needs of the modern legal professional: 


  • Case Management: An intuitive system to manage cases effortlessly. 
  • Updated Laws: Instant access to the latest legal updates and bare acts. 
  • Team Assistant: Collaboration tools to enhance team productivity. 
  • Automated Document Generation: Simplified document creation through automation. 
  • Billable Hours Calculation: Accurate tracking and calculation of billable hours. 
  • Live Legal Updates: Real-time updates to keep users informed.

Targeting a Lucrative Market 

India's legal services market is vast, with a total addressable market of $1.3 billion USD. Within this, the serviceable available market for LegalTech is estimated at $380 million USD. Sanidhaya and his team at Valsco Technology are poised to capture a significant share of this market by offering unparalleled value through their innovative platform. 

Overcoming Challenges 

The journey has not been without hurdles. Raising funds to scale their startup proved challenging, but each obstacle became a stepping stone. "We've faced numerous challenges, particularly in raising funds to scale our startup. However, each setback has been a learning opportunity, making us stronger and more resilient," reflects Sanidhaya. Participation in over ten competitions taught them invaluable lessons, driving continuous improvement and innovation. 

A Vision for the Future 

Sanidhaya's career journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. From studying computer science to gaining hands-on experience in strategic planning and project management, every step has been a building block toward the creation of Jurident. His vision is clear: to revolutionize the legal industry with advanced features like AI-driven legal research, predictive analytics for case outcomes, and a personalized legal assistant. 

The Human Element 

What truly sets Jurident apart is the human element behind the technology. The skilled and diverse team at Valsco Technology, comprising legal professionals and technologists, brings a unique synergy to the project. Their collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence drive them to deliver unparalleled value to their users, making Jurident a leader in the LegalTech space. 


At Valsco Technology, the integration of LegalTech and DeepTech is not just about digitizing legal work—it's about creating a new narrative for the legal industry. With Jurident, legal professionals, law students, and clients are set to experience a new era of efficiency, connectivity, and innovation. 

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