How to start a denim company like Flying Machine

Flying Machine is one of the indigenously developed brands that began with the article of clothing division of Arvind plants. The brand was incepted in the '80s; Flying Machine is among not many early brands which began the denim class in India however investment was pretty low.

How to start a denim company like Flying Machine

The brand had the tag of 'ensured brand' because of its remarkable estimating and item development. In any case, with the developing infiltration of online retail and numerous retail channels, the brand began encountering an operational group in overseeing stock as it goes on different channels.

As Flying Machine developed, and experienced expanded online achievement, the brand understood that to proceed with a similar development direction, it was anticipated to grow its essence over different commercial centres. Doing so would require more tech ability and shrewd calculations that would help in empowering a solitary venture perspective on the stock over numerous business channels. 

Pro Turtle's omnichannel stage Rubicon empowered Flying Machine to deal with expanded stock levels while at the same time robotizing and enhancing index over numerous commercial centres. The stage incorporated all the stock purposes of the Flying Machine and gave a solitary perspective on the stock to numerous commercial centres. With Ace Turtle, Flying Machine had the option to build its stock altogether and extend its quality over different commercial centres. 

Since incorporating the Rubicon stage, Flying Machine has expanded its online permeability, fortified its commercial centre business, and developed its deals essentially. Besides, the stage permitted Flying Machine to grandstand every one of their classes and contact fresher commercial centres and altogether increment their sell-throughs. 

The following are the couple of effects that Rubicon empowered for Flying Machine from Q1 17-18 to Q4 17-18. 

Multiple times ascend in GMV, multiple times ascend in orders across commercicentresers, the satisfaction rate expanded to 98.99%, sell-through expanded by 25%.