How two college students facing rent problem are now helping others from the same problem

The constant grumbling by middlemen, sellers, and lack of fluid communication are just a few of the obstacles you face when you want to rent a house for yourself. However, there's a shining light at the end of this!

How two college students facing rent problem are now helping others from the same problem

"StuRentt" a start-up founded by Zayed khan and Tabish Ansari helps people to get flats, houses, and pgs easily.

Zayed khan and Tabish Ansari are students of B.Tech studying in Bhopal. Both of them were living on rent but last year during the lockdown, people who were sharing rent with them shifted back to their native place, so now they were having no option other than to pay more rent.

Tabish and Zayed Khan, being 20-year-old and tech-savvy decided to use the internet to connect with people like them, they knew that there must be many people who were facing the same issue, and if through some means they get connected, they can share rent. So they decided to use Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing in order to reach people who’re looking to rent commercial or residential properties. To do so, they connected with a lot of brokers, through marketing and reached many clients. This was the moment when they decided to launch "StuRentt".

When they started this start-up after a lot of research In October, They were immediately able to serve 750+ customers in less than 3 months, It was off the wall but they knew that it was the need of the hour and they have to grow more.

They faced several challenges. As they were 20-year-olds, people who knew their ages never took them seriously and would often judge them, but people who saw potential in them supported them. Today they are a team of 10+ people and have already expanded in Indore and are focusing on expanding their business.

There were a lot more difficulties but their dedication towards their destiny helped them to make this start-up grow. 

Our team asked them for some advice for our readers, They said  "we only want to say to all young entrepreneurs that if you want something, work hard and always try to think of something new". They believe that a business should focus on their customers, If people will believe in you and your Idea, They will eventually start investing in your business, but if your primary focus is money, then you will compromise on the value that will not help you grow.

"Believe in your ideas and work hard until you make a change".