This girl took a strong decision and followed it, today, she is a certified life coach.

Shreya Khatri started her journey in 2016 when she was in college. She was pursuing political science honours and after completing 1st year of college only, she realized that this was not her cup of tea and she needed something else.

This girl took a strong decision and followed it, today, she is a certified life coach.

The beginning

She started exploring different segments.

She was always into value production. She didn't want to waste her years in college, thinking of doing something after 3rd year or maybe in the final year. She had this zeal for doing something great, so she took an internship. 

The idea

Now, she was exploring several fields to find her cup of tea. Soon she realized that since her school days, she was into motivational speeches. She used to read as well as listen to many motivational speakers. She strongly believes in doing things when you want to do that. And, that was the moment in her life, when the thought of motivational speaking hit her. Without thinking twice, she took her decision in 2016. 

The struggles

Thinking about an idea and executing them are two different things. Shreya got an idea but execution was not easy. 

Although she had started taking the baby steps, getting to a stable point took her time. 

She had started learning and exploring more and more about problem-solving and life coaching. She also took the certifications in life coaching. She also did counselling in digital marketing. She worked there for two years and within that period she interacted with as many people as possible to sharpen her soft skills, may it be entrepreneurs, business influencers, councillors, founders and much more personalities.

Later, she figured out her domain, what she wanted to do and finally decided to become a life coach, focusing more on the motivational segment. Secondly, she had a huge interest in the digital marketing sector and social media marketing etc. Third, she realized that no matter what, she wanted independence in her life. 

What keeps her going

Talking about Shreya's motivation, she gives the first credit to her parents. She thanks them saying that they had always motivated her. She says, "I am blessed to be a part of the family, where people don't curse you for being a girl rather they encourage you to be independent. If I talk about my mother, she has always encouraged me to achieve more in my life."

She has always seen her parents working hard and that inspires her to work hard too.

Another thing she says, " Sometimes, there are situations, you can't change, stop wasting time thinking about that situation and accept them as it is. Many times it happens that you plan a lot but fail to execute them. So, stop thinking about the adverse situations and start taking action. Implementation is very important." 

She always believes in doing things, instead of thinking about the result. Because according to her learnings what is meant to be yours, you will get it..