Inspirational Startup Stories

Indians are progressing on the path of business. The innovative minds have transformed the country into an “Ecospace of startup”. With different startups emerging to tackle distinct issues, it is bringing a revolution in the business kingdom.

Inspirational Startup Stories

The postmodernist world has unveiled itself by declaring science and technology as not only the vehicle of progress but also the instruments of established power. India has a long line of startups making a significant impact not only in the country but worldwide. These startups are not only contributing to India’s GDP but also encouraging innovative minds to emerge. 


Startup stories of famous business

  The idea behind a startup founder turning into a successful entrepreneur lies behind the golden rule proclaimed by Sadhguru, "Don't be goal-oriented, be process-oriented". It is not wealth that always has to be the prime agenda of one's life, but the mission and visions that one nourishes to accomplish can have a promising effect. The startup founders who initially moved heaven and earth to first acquire their job that could fulfill their desires now seem to be leaving their jobs. People cut off themselves from a particular area where they previously flourished once they acquaint themselves with a higher aspiration of achievement in some other area. The nature of their jobs being redundant and the reawakening of their conscience to bring about a transgression can be one of the reasons behind their losing interest. The ultimate goal of life is leading a satisfactory life on a personal level where wealth doesn't count. The essence of life lies in the journey and not in what one has achieved. 


Inspiring startup stories in India 

  In India, the terror of failure that has crept into the minds of people refrains them from implementing their ideas. The fear slowly consumes their innovation, resulting in the dissipation of a genius proposal. It is incomprehensive for the people that it is better to begin and fail rather than not starting at all. People are skeptical about their plan, there is a 50-50 chance of success and failure. But instead of looking at the brighter side, people often tend to focus on the darker side, seeing the risk involved. Thus, they relinquish their dream. They are no different from a successful entrepreneur. Both have a genius proposal. The only thing that separates them from the successful entrepreneur is that a successful entrepreneur took the risk and consequently became a role model for others, adding another feather of success in the sphere of startup stories.

  Startup stories edify us that life is what we make out of it. It becomes productive only when we are willing to accept the challenges it throws at us. It is unworthy of living unless we take up chances and convert them into a bundle of opportunities. People often regret the road not taken while there was still time, so why not be concerned with the path which leads us, rather than the fear of outcomes. Abiding by the rules that Great efforts will yield significant results, startup stories inspire more and more entrepreneurs to overcome challenges against all odds.

  For almost a decade, “Teach for India” has been empowering youngsters from under-resourced backgrounds to acknowledge their potential through an initiative arranged by a cooperation program. It is a startup by Shaheen Mistri, who is also the founder of Akansha Center. They instruct and cultivate youthful personalities, change them into possible future pioneers, just as seeing critical changes inside themselves.


Startup success stories in India 

  In order to start a business in India, you need to focus on three things, they are, having knowledge of your product, knowing about your customers, and a desire to succeed. As Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos said, “Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you”.  Many entrepreneurs preferred to follow their dreams rather than continuing the normal. To do so, they faced numerous hurdles, but they conquered their fears, stood straight against them holding their head high and faced the storm. In the end, were rewarded with success.

  The journey from a startup founder to a successful entrepreneur is arduous. The chances of succeeding are obscure. The only thing that distinguishes a successful entrepreneur from others is the way in which they shape their innovations. Ideas are with everyone but the person who knows the correct way to implement them and IS diligent towards their plan succeeds.