Chinmay Das- a name which suggests healing the world with hearty and healthy drinks

With a vision to provide best nutrients to an individual, he established ‘SOUND CLOUD FOODS & BEVERAGES Pvt. Ltd.’ in 2016. After approx. 2.5 years of R&D and extensive testing ‘REPEPP’ was finally and officially born in Jan.’19.

Chinmay Das- a name which suggests healing the world with hearty and healthy drinks


Chinmay Das is nursed and nourished in a small town of Orissa. He pursued his basic education and completed his graduation from his home town. Thereafter, he made up his mind to shift to Delhi for growing of his career. Hence, he worked with Market research industry in this metropolitan city for almost 13 years.


After much investigation, he concluded that the people who are burning midnight oil for earning the bread and nurturing their family sometimes tend to ignore their own health. Once the person enters the office and is engrossed into the work, there is no fixed time of meals. His concentration is only to finish the given task. This is where the health gets affected. Eventually, when the tummy is asking for food, the person looks for easy and handy snacks like Samosa or Momos etc. The food which has the ingredient of refined wheat flour harms the digestive system and leads to severe issues which ultimately congests the system.

Here comes the question- What to do now?

But, not to worry…every problem has a solution. And that solution is given to us by Chinmay Das.


Chinmay has explored and researched a lot about food industry prevailing in our country for the last 2 decades. Consequently, he found that India has become a leading market of food supplier around the globe. Although, now we can find world cuisine anywhere which is just one click away, yet, the nutrition in the food varies in every brand of food product which has affected our immunity in several ways. Due to the fluctuations in nutritional values, which is the utmost priority of any food, has to be taken care of with responsibility, as it can be a cause of cancers, diabetes Mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases. In addition to it, if a person overeats with lack of exercise will definitely lead to the illness and weight issues.

It is now in fashion to eat fast foods as they are tastier as compared to homemade dal and chapatti. But the people seem unaware of the ill effects of these foods.

These reasons motivated Chinmay to leap forward and illuminate the path of the people who have dived themselves into snacks and fast foods. He has developed the products which are immunity raiser and heath developer. The juices are designed to keep one’s tummy full while taking care of the immune system.  Thus we can say, “ LITTLE DRINKS, BIG DREAMS.”


The product developed by Chinmay is an amalgamation of fruits and veggies which can sustain life to the fullest. It is a balance of Vitamins and Enzymes which helps our body to boost immunity and remove fatigue. This product is manufactured keeping in mind today’s scenario of working style and time constraint.


Chinmay researched and investigated numerous articles, journals and white papers about health and nutrition. He discussed with different dieticians and concluded that the product should be created with right amount of fruit and vegetable content. As it is aptly quoted, “Its not a short term diet, it’s a long term lifestyle change.” With a vision to provide best nutrients to an individual, he established ‘SOUND CLOUD FOODS & BEVERAGES Pvt. Ltd.’ in 2016. After approx. 2.5 years of R&D and extensive testing ‘REPEPP’ was finally and officially born in Jan.’19.

The product maintains an equilibrium  of natural fruits and vegetables content with no added  sugar and preservatives. Its ingredients follow the protocol of appropriate balance of Vitamins and Enzymes which is good for health and digestion.

He believes in the power of healing through food, hydration, and Eastern medicine which is brought to the customer in the form of cold-pressed, raw and preservative-free juice.


This is a better-for-you functional beverage brand which is committed to helping people live healthier lifestyle with time and work pressure. It is plant based natural product which is freshest and healthiest as compared to any other brand. It is beneficial for developing immunity and digestive power which ultimately leads to overall body care.

As the product is preservative free, it is recommended to consume within 72 hours of manufacture. The beverage is a living beverage in raw format wherein no cooked or processed ingredient is added.

The product is Low on Shelf life. This implies that the product is always fresh to consume. Biologically it is proven that if a product is freshly extracted and manufactured, the benefits of the enzymes and vitamins filling the body are far better than packed juices which are rested on the shelves for months with added preservatives and additives.

Henceforth, the tagline says ‘DRINK WITH A PURPOSE!’


Offering best in quality living beverages in raw format. This will provide a consumer with a benefit of enzymes, vitamins and nutrition without compromising in taste.

72 hours shelf life is beneficial for freshness and quality with no added preservatives and colours.

It is a product which gives the profit of both fruits and vegetables in one bottle. Many other healthier ingredients are added like- celery, chia seeds, turmeric, ginger, flax seeds, aloe vera, amla, mint, spinach and kiwi which keeps our immunity strong and superb.

Glass bottles are used for packing the product keeping in mind the sustainable goals of 3R’s- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


Initially, there was a lack of awareness of lower shelf life. The product was only sold through website in Delhi- NCR which most of the people were unable to procure as they didn’t know about the site and product. Lower shelf life also creates a problem of expansion and presence.

Though, challenges are just a way to move ahead. Chinmay did not stop as he kept motivated himself because the product was superb and it was a solution to the fast paced era which was highly beneficial to the customers. The product is also a planet preserver as sustainable glass and paper packaging is used.


The product is not a simple fruit juice. It is a healthier alternative to the consumer with much more health benefits.

Currently the following juice product are in market-

# Juice Detox Pack

# Digestion Pack

# Skin Care Pack

# Daily Nutrition

# Low Sugar Juice

# Yellow Juice Pack

# Red Juice Pack

# Green Juice Pack

# Weight loss Juices

# Immune Defense

# Hydration

# Family Pack (Designed to cater the entire family nutrition)


Now is the time when pandemic seems to end wherein the situation around the globe has changes and people look for healthier lifestyle instead of tasty foods. Therefore, Chinmay provides with a better alternative for the maintenance of health issues which does not includes tablets and capsules but only freshly created juices. The living beverages are not only exaggerate our taste buds but also take good care of our health. The planet is also taken care of by using sustainable packaging materials viz., glass and paper.


It is rightly said “Health is the greatest possession”.

To conclude, Chinmay is of the opinion to the readers that this is the right to invest in one’s health and avoid junks. Invest your time in exercise too. This makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.