LeSo: Revolutionizing Visa Processes for Indian Travelers

LeSo, founded by Abbas Abidi and Vivek Anandan, is revolutionizing visa processes for Indian travelers. This online visa marketplace, launched six months ago, addresses information asymmetry and simplifies visa procedures for millions of Indian international travelers. Abbas and Vivek, with backgrounds in WNS and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, identified a market gap and leveraged technology to streamline visa applications. Overcoming initial hiring challenges, they secured top tech talent to develop LeSo’s innovative platform. LeSo offers a user-friendly interface, automating applications and integrating services like travel insurance. Committed to continuous innovation, LeSo aims to expand into forex services and curated travel experiences.

LeSo: Revolutionizing Visa Processes for Indian Travelers

In the burgeoning world of international travel, one company stands out for its innovative approach to simplifying visa processes for Indian travelers: LeSo. Founded by Abbas Abidi and Vivek Anandan, LeSo is an online visa marketplace designed to address information asymmetry and streamline intricate visa procedures for the 5 crore Indian international travelers. 

A Vision Born from Experience

Launched just six months ago, LeSo was conceived when Abbas and Vivek recognized a significant gap in the visa services market. With backgrounds in high-profile companies— WNS for Vivek and Hewlett Packard Enterprise for Abbas—they identified the potential to leverage technology to provide efficient solutions in the legal services sector. Their strategic decision to focus on visa and international travel services is now catering to the rapidly growing Indian tourism sector, marking a pivotal moment in their professional journeys. 

Building a Dynamic Team

One of the most formidable challenges Abbas and Vivek faced in the early days was finding a technical lead engineer. The extensive hiring process spanned several months, during which they interviewed over 200 candidates. Their perseverance paid off when they secured two exceptionally talented tech leads from prestigious institutions like IIT Mandi and IIT Roorkee. This talented team has been instrumental in developing LeSo’s innovative platform, ensuring it stands out in a competitive market. 

Innovation at the Core

LeSo’s platform integrates technology with personalized consultancy, offering a userfriendly interface that guides users through the visa application process. This involves automating the application process, streamlining document submissions, and providing real-time updates. Furthermore, LeSo incorporates co-selling and upselling opportunities by offering complementary services such as travel insurance and curated tours. This comprehensive approach not only simplifies visa applications but also enhances the overall travel experience, setting LeSo apart from legacy firms. 

A Commitment to Excellence

LeSo aspires to become a global leader in providing seamless international travel services through continuous innovation. The company expects its employees to be proactive, adaptable, and committed to the mission of simplifying the travel experience for customers while maintaining high standards of service and integrity. This vision is supported by a dynamic team of passionate professionals led by Abbas and Vivek, whose diverse expertise drives the company's innovative solutions. 

Future Endeavors and Continuous Growth

Looking ahead, LeSo plans to expand its offerings to include forex services and curated travel experiences, further solidifying its position as a comprehensive solution for all international travel needs. The company's commitment to continuous innovation ensures it stays ahead in addressing the evolving demands of travelers. 

The Journey to Success

The journey of building LeSo involved critical steps, including leveraging backgrounds in entrepreneurship and technology, and assembling a talented team. Despite the initial challenges, Abbas and Vivek's dedication to their vision of revolutionizing the travel industry has led to the development of a platform that simplifies visa processes and integrates expert consultancy. Their motivation stems from a desire to transform the often daunting visa application experience into a seamless journey for Indian travelers. 

Driven by Purpose

Mondays at LeSo begin with the excitement of turning travel dreams into reality. The team's passion for simplifying visa processes and enhancing the journey for Indian explorers drives their motivation. Each week starts with a renewed commitment to deploying groundbreaking solutions that ease travel woes, making Mondays a launchpad for impactful, creative strides in the world of international travel. 

LeSo is not just a company; it is a visionary platform transforming the travel experience for millions of Indian travelers, making visas easy and travel dreams achievable.

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