Diesel at your doorstep

"Diesel at your doorstep" I know you all must be intrigued after Reading this title and you should be , because we all have only seen or heard about online delivery of products like food , clothes , books etc. But the story which you are about to read is of chetan and aditi who came up with this unique idea of delivering diesel at your doorstep . And you will love it , like our Indian industrialist Ratan Tata did .

Diesel at your doorstep

Aditi Bhosale and Chetan are the founders of "Repos". Repos is a company that delivers diesel to your doorstep. It was not easy for Aditi and Chetan to start this start-up at first. Because here We are not talking about the delivery of Normal products, we are talking about delivery of diesel-like other products. Because it is not even allowed to carry petroleum in your plastic bottles outside the petrol pump.

Challenges faced by Aditi and Chetan
Talking about their challenges they said, "We faced many challenges, especially in convincing our families and friends". Somehow they were able to convince their families and friends but it was not all, as now they also had to convince the government of India too. To implement the reforms they were suggesting because doorstep fuel delivery is not allowed in India. Still, they were able to handle everything with a smile.

How the idea took up
This is the part you all must be curious about. How were they able to think about this unique idea which even fascinated Ratan Tata?
On asking Aditi Bhosale how the idea was born, she said that one day, The whole city was facing power cuts due to rain, and all the product manufacturing companies like big hotels, residential societies, and malls were calling them for diesel.

They kept their phone aside for an hour or two when the calls became hard to handle. When they checked the phones again, there was a notification from an e-commerce platform saying "The book has been delivered".And then Chetan casually said, “ How great it would be if even diesel could be delivered at the doorstep?”

This was the moment when the idea of initiating something to make this entire process of delivering fuel at the doorsteps of the companies hit them hard and the next thing we know is that they came up with "Repos".

Aditi and Chetan think that this is an opportunity to build a platform that will help to bridge the gap between companies and petrol pumps. Desire to make a change kept them going, everyone wants to do something big but at some point, we think that we cannot do this anymore. But whenever these types of thoughts come to your mind just remember the words spoken by Aditi and Chetan (founder of "Repos") "The belief that doing this will create a change, and someone will be benefited, and someone somewhere will be inspired to chase their dreams, and someone will actually be a better version of themselves every day"! To create an impact in this world, Nothing inspires and motivates other than these things in life.

Present situation
There are 300+ people working with them on this mission. They have expanded their manufacturing units, which are now present in 175+ cities in India and they have around 1,000 proud partners of Repos.
Yet they still chase the same mission - To be able to bring in a positive change in this world of our fellow humans. To be able to serve and take our Nation to new heights.

Advice on asking for advice they said, “Take an idea and jump into executing the idea. Then give your 1000% and keep giving your 1000% and trust me things will start unfolding for you. Bigger and bigger opportunities would come your way. Superior execution is the key”