LetsDressUp: The dream of perfectly fitting clothes came true

The trouble of running to tailor repeatedly and still not getting a perfect fit dress stitched can be solved through Drishti Anand’s startup LetsDressUp.

 LetsDressUp: The dream of perfectly fitting clothes came true

It is difficult to find a pendant of the right fit with readymade garments. Dristi Anand founded a startup that would provide women with perfectly stitched outfits to be delivered at their doorsteps. The idea came to her mind during her sister’s marriage when she refused to face a lot of problems regarding the size of ready-made clothes. She took the responsibility of getting everyone’s outfits stitched by tailors. Despite all her efforts, she observed that several garments needed alterations, there were quality issues, and some fabrics had not even been stitched on time. 

After talking to several women with the same issue, in September 2019 she along with her husband Aditya Balani founded LetsDressUp.

After keen observations through different boutiques and tailors, she found that spending less time in doing their work and more time in haggling with customers, taking their measurement, noting their preference and all. She also observed that customers face various issues like inconsistent quality, opaque pricing, lack of timelines, and the requirement of multiple alterations before the right fit was achieved.  

The biggest challenge that she faced was providing a customer personalization in a scalable manner. What makes LetsDressUp scalable is that it functions like the production unit of a readymade apparel band, where supply side inefficiencies of tailoring units are removed even as customers are offered the personalisation of an outfit tailored to their specifications.