“Zelorra” a messiah startup enabling low-cost and timely delivery of essentials

Kanpur based startup Zelorra is looking forward to solving the problem of shipping charges and delivery time for online orders and aid small startups to get online.

“Zelorra” a messiah startup enabling low-cost and timely delivery of essentials

There is a rapid acceleration in the e-commerce sector in India in recent years. Online ordering is followed like a trend by the consumers. The convenience of getting products delivered at the doorstep is enabling companies like Amazon and Flipkart to flourish. The catastrophe coronavirus acted like fuel to fire and surged the expansion of e-commerce.

Deepak Gupta deduced that the misery with e-commerce is the unfavorable prices and the obstacle with delivery. In an attempt to aid this problem, he, along with Shuddhatm Chaturvedi conjured up with e-commerce startup Zelorra in Kanpur in 2019 commenced with an investment of Rs2,50,000.

Deepak said that they launched a platform to assist local people in getting access to products when in need. Online shopping has always gained popularity but the inconvenience caused by delivery has always acted as a curse. The customer prefers going to the neighborhood to get groceries than waiting for two to three days.

Zelorra began by trading listed books, personalized gifts, mugs T-shirts and mobile covers. At present, the product incorporates men, women, and baby products, personal, beauty, healthcare and various other products. 

For the relief and convenience of customers, they can order products through its website as well as from its official WhatsApp number. According to Deepak, their motto is to enable every business to reach online and customers across the country to get access to it. It aims to aid small businesses across the country to get their business online and help customers with faster deliveries.

The co-founder reveals that their delivery time for non-essential items are within two to three days while essential products are delivered instantly. They have worked hard in reducing shipping charges.

The lockdown due to the pandemic gave them a tough time. The startup faced immense difficulty to organize its delivery procedure. Zelorra was a startup from their savings so at present they are searching to raise funds to scale up their team. They have to face heavy competition from corporate giants like Myntra, Flipkart, etc in terms of selling apparel, food, groceries and baby products.