Make your CRM experience easy with EasyCaller.

EasyCaller is an on the go CRM (Customer Resource Management) system. CRM simplifies the work to maintain the relationship between you and your customer.

Make your CRM experience easy with EasyCaller.

The motto is to help companies maximize their call efficiency and provide them a successful CRM experience at a reasonable price.

EasyCaller was initiated in the year 2019 as AutoCaller by Sayeed Afridi while his team was working on a digital marketing project for Haryana Elections. They faced several issues back then such as-

  1. Dialling the wrong number from the excel sheet.
  2. Inaccurate data on potential clients/customers.
  3. Issues in re-validating.
  4. No track of calling date and time. 
  5. Loss of potential customers due to forgotten follow-ups.
  6. Time-consuming.

For a solution to these, they made EasyCaller.

What is EasyCaller and how does it work?

EasyCaller is an on the go CRM which can be used from anywhere. One needs only a mobile phone. Initially, EasyCaller was launched as AutoCaller.

What you need to do here is- Log in to EasyCaller. Once your admin panel is created you can add employees and assign the customers to them which will then be uploaded in the employees’ tasks sheet.  All the clients will be visible on their screens. Beside every client, there will be an option of calling. Click/tap on the call button and the call will be initiated.

Now, you don't need to see the excel sheet, type the number or think whether the number is right or wrong, you just need to click on the call button. 

What does EasyCaller do?

Once the call is over, EasyCaller will save the data. You can keep a track of the date and time of the call. Let's suppose the call got cut within 30 seconds. Now, the possible scenario could be, the client didn't pick up the call because one can't express the entire agenda within 30 seconds. So, it won't count as a call. Also, in some cases, you need to WhatsApp the details after the call. For sending messages in WhatsApp, basically, one needs to save the number first but through EasyCaller, you just need to click on the WhatsApp button in front of the number, some predefined templates will be already available there, you will just need to click the send button. Not only this, you can send e-mail as well as text messages directly with EasyCaller. You can also see the complete data by tapping on the history button. With this feature, you can add notes, set date and timer to follow up and the app will remind you for the same. Such a time saviour, right!

Benefits of EasyCaller:

  1. With EasyCaller CRM your call efficiency will increase by more than 100%. 
  2. Less time consuming, more work. 
  3. No hassle of typing the numbers.
  4. No worry for getting the wrong number dialled.
  5. Easy to re-validate the data.
  6. Track of all the numbers dialled with date and time.
  7. Easy to follow up with the reminder features.