MiHeSo Redefining Breakfast with Health, Innovation, and Taste

MiHeSo Redefining Breakfast with Health, Innovation, and Taste

Dr. Anveshika Singhal, armed with a Biotechnology Ph.D. and degrees from IIT Delhi, found herself at a crossroads post-doctorate. The convergence of maternity leave and COVID-19 lockdowns prompted a pause in her career, paving the way for a distinctive entrepreneurial voyage. Alongside her husband, Anurag, a seasoned strategist in finance, they birthed MiHeSo - a venture dedicated to revolutionizing breakfast with a trifecta focus on health, innovation, and flavor.

A Gastronome's Revelation

As an ardent food aficionado, Dr. Singhal noticed a void in the market concerning products touting health benefits. Often, these offerings lacked the palatal allure necessary to sustain a commitment to a wholesome diet. The couple's foray into parenthood amidst the pandemic underscored the challenges of sourcing nutritious yet delectable fare, especially for their child. This epiphany catalyzed the inception of MiHeSo (Mind Health Soul), a brand propelled by the ethos of furnishing healthy, inventive, and flavorsome alternatives.

Spotting the Need Amidst Lockdowns

The COVID-19 lockdown acted as a catalyst for MiHeSo. Dr. Singhal, a culinary maverick, stumbled upon the convenience and delectation of Overnight Oats during this period. Identifying the absence of packaged options in India, the duo resolved to commercialize this concept. MiHeSo unveiled its range of Overnight Oats in November 2021, introducing a novel and nutritious breakfast option to the market.

Navigating Challenges Amidst Unprecedented Times

The startup weathered the tempest of the pandemic, utilizing the hiatus to formalize the company, perfect recipes, and undertake pivotal R&D. MiHeSo's genesis during these trying times underscores the resilience and adaptability of its founders.

Innovative Dawn in Breakfast

MiHeSo carved a niche by pioneering Overnight Oats in the breakfast market, offering a commercially produced, unique concept in India. The brand's dedication to innovation extends to its packaging, presenting single-use pouches for uniform ingredient distribution - a departure from conventional bulk packaging prevalent in the industry.

Crafting a Lean yet Agile Team

Presently, the MiHeSo team comprises the co-founders and personnel managing operations and logistics. They prioritize transparent communication, ergonomic workspaces, and regular feedback loops to foster a conducive work environment.

Digital-First Expansion

MiHeSo initially embraced a digital-only approach, retailing via their website, Amazon, and other major e-commerce platforms. Despite being a nascent player, the brand has witnessed significant growth since its late 2021 launch.

Customer Adoration and Future Trajectories

Customers have embraced MiHeSo's products, exhibiting loyalty through high re-purchase rates and overwhelming demand during restocking. With over 50,000 units of Overnight Oats sold, MiHeSo plans to diversify its offerings by introducing new flavors in Overnight Oats, delving into hot cereals, kids' cereals, and the protein snack segment. Digital expansion and eventual offline retail presence constitute integral components of their strategic roadmap.

Pursuing Growth Through Investments

Currently self-funded, MiHeSo aims to secure capital from angel investors or VC funds to expedite growth, streamline operations, and materialize expansion plans. MiHeSo takes pride in its participation in the Amazon Launchpad program, augmenting its digital footprint. Notably, the startup received a funding grant of INR 20 lakh from the Startup India Seed Fund AIC Pinnacle, further validating its potential and impact.

Insights from MiHeSo's Entrepreneurial Odyssey

Dr. Anveshika Singhal imparts wisdom to fellow entrepreneurs: "Challenges and setbacks are intrinsic to the journey, fortifying our resolve and resilience. Treat each obstacle as a stepping stone to learning." MiHeSo stands as a testament to self-trust, unwavering dedication, and cherishing the odyssey of crafting something of significance.