"Wopno Talks" a start-up born in lockdown.

Covid-19 made it difficult for startups to grow. Many companies were closed, people were jobless. Despite the wounds of the pandemic, Sayak Sarkar and Oji Michael Sunday started "Wopno Talks".

"Wopno Talks" a start-up born in lockdown.

Sayak Sarkar and Oji Michael Sunday are the Co-founders of  "Wopno Talks"

"Wopno Talks" is a global podcast company, they organize conferences, seminars, webinars, interviews, discussions, and debates .

Recently they have organized events like 'World Instrumental Summit', 'Technology: Boon or Bane' & 'Aatma-Nirbhar Bharat' etc.

When covid was declared as a global pandemic, Sayak Sarkar and Oji Michael Sunday were stuck in their house like all of us. They were taking online classes on platforms like zoom, google meet, and MS team. They were not able to meet their friends due to the lockdown. So the only way to hang out with their friends was the online mode. One day they were live on Instagram.com and we're talking about how this Virus has affected everyone and how everyone is dealing with it. To their surprise, they started getting a few comments like 'this podcast is really good', 'it's really interesting' and many more comments were praising Their podcast. And at that moment they decided to start  "Wopno Talks". 

There were few setbacks too. They didn't have enough resources to start "Wopno Talks", neither they had enough audience, and when you don't have enough audience, it's really hard to bring someone on your platform for an interview. Still, they never lost hope. They changed their mode of the interview into an interactive session where the audience also got the chance to ask their questions and fortunately, it was a successful attempt. They gained more recognition and people started recognizing "Wopno Talks".

Once they knew that they had enough audience, they moved back to the old format. 

"We have to adapt according to the situation because things that are working for you today may not work tomorrow"

Currently, they are mainly focusing on increasing their audience base. They have been working closely with POUP. And have carried out a 5-day event with some famous personalities and researchers from all over the world, who are working on environmental issues.

On asking them for some advice they said " 'Life is like a story' I know you have heard it many times but remember you are the author of that story and it depends on how you want the story to be. It doesn't matter what others will think about, because they are not the ones living it"

When you start something new, it's going to be hard, and it's a  struggle. So don't look back and just keep moving forward.