Nataliya Arora founder of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham is 17 years old.

KKKG is a youth-directed mental health awareness initiative. "I am also a part-time robin and a social entrepreneur working towards the betterment of the nation", says Nataliya As a youngster she encountered numerous difficulties while growing up like her folks got isolated when she was 5, she didn't have a steady school or home, she got tormented for quite a long time for her looks which brought her low-confidence issues, she was never acceptable at scholastics so for a mind-blowing duration she felt like a disappointment and somebody who will never be sufficient for anyone, at that point in her late juvenile years she was body disgraced for being solid and she had no self-acknowledgement for herself.

Nataliya Arora founder of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham is 17 years old.

She generally felt that no one got her or needed to try and discuss issues that she experienced, she was in melancholy for about a year until when she addressed herself that for what reason would anybody say anybody isn't willing to discuss how significant stable psychological wellness is??

Nataliya says, "Probably the greatest test that I ever confronted was getting acknowledgement from my nearby ones due to the disgrace appended to psychological wellness, yet it still never prevented me from voicing out whatever I had in my brain to make a social change and be what I am today!"
 "So ordinarily when individuals ask me how, when, why and what enlivened you to begin something like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, actually talking there's no specific trigger that strikes my brain as a result of which I began this page, the main thing that surfaces are an exciting ride called life", said Nataliya.

She accepts that her initial encounters have left her with a drive to discover an exit from wretchedness and a way towards a superior life.
 "Life doesn't fight you since you're frail, it fights you since you're solid. It realizes that if it gives you tormenting you'll understand your capacity", Nataliya quotes.

What's more, she reveals to you all that paying little mind to all that comes in your manner retain confidence in yourself cause life is extreme however with this quality, confidence, and determination, you can cause staggering things to occur.
"The main message that I am, as to give away, is that 'your attitude is your existence' regardless of whether you imagine that you can or whether you think you wouldn't be able to be correct", Nataliya says