Rajat Bansal – A finance expert and Tech Startups enthusiast

A curious enthusiast of Technology with a strong background of Finance and Commerce, Rajat is a qualified Chartered Accountant by profession with an entrepreneurial mindset and a proponent of ‘change’.

Rajat Bansal – A finance expert and Tech Startups enthusiast

He is a business angel for convertible debt or ownership equity in various startups helping them with initial hand holding and finances. He believes that the real power of “numbers” lie in how one understand, analyses and uses them to bring about change in the society.

Toward the beginning of his vocation, Rajat got an opportunity to work with Deloitte and PWC and learn various aspects of the businesses to boost his career and vision to create the bigger process driven scalable and sustainable organization. He executed similarly when he joined his father's CA firm and carried out certain new category initiatives that turned into the significant source of revenue in the years to come.

He met his friend Divyanshu during this period which resulted in USD 4 Mn Start-up venture – Mansionly in 2017. It is based out of Singapore which was a result of strong desire to carve a niche.  

Mansionly is primarily conceptualized to organize the highly fragmented and unorganized Interiors industry in India. Mansionly stands on 3Ts of Trust, Transparency and Technology. The aim is to coordinate the business by synergizing all stakeholders inside eco-framework, viz., originators, execution accomplices, furniture producers and venture the board consultancies to work in coordination with one another in order to guarantee hassle free and timely delivery of project.

Very interestingly, Mansionly has created a whole community of international designers and worldwide designs to the homes, workplaces and lives of everybody. It is very well said that new age entrepreneurs with Technology based businesses completely breaks the strong walls of traditional businesses and offers new budding entrepreneurs a level playing field to explore the opportunities and offer their talent to the customers. Today, Mansionly has delivered more than 400 successful projects in last 4-5 years with several International and Indian designers and partners. It is truly a category creation that millions of aspirational customers will enjoy in the future.

With the core focus on solving the efficiency and cost issues focussed by the stakeholders of the Interiors community, Rajat’s enthusiasm led to develop a new venture to take him to the next level of success. In July 2021, he launched India’s first B2B tech platform, Proquo that aims to redefine procurement for the Interior Industry. The market size of Interiors is more than $50 Billion. and is growing very rapidly as India is urbanising very fast. From design conception to delivery, the interior design process is much bigger and even more complicated than most people realize. There are several steps to the design process. While the initial portion of the design is more creative it is followed by more technical process that is procurement. Rajat Bansal, the founder of Proquo addresses these challenges faced by designers, architects and contractors.

Proquo not just expects to be an all-inclusive resource for material and item acquirement for the interior industry, yet to use innovation and upset the current acquisition model for the Interiors Industry; making it coordinated, proficient and hassle free.

Proquo helps SME purchasers, for example, Designers, Architects, Contractors and Companies in obtaining inside materials and items and having them conveyed in smoother way. It empowers them to set aside time and money, permitting tasks to be finished on time and with fewer escalations and losses. There will be no extra calls, no subsequent meet-ups, and you will get the mentioned materials on schedule time at your doorstep. Right from item disclosure to portrayal, operations to financing, Proquo makes it simple for everybody.

Interestingly, Proquo is bringing Metaverse and creating complete markets of the construction and interior materials. It provides its clients a gaming like experience of digital procurement of the products.

Life Mantra

Rajat firmly accepts that focus and perseverance can transform anything; convert challenges into opportunities. He believes that the times of depression or recession are conducive for entrepreneurial skills to blossom and grow in bringing about change, contribute and elevate the society.

Advice to Readers

This is an era of Indian entrepreneurs to bring back India’s lost glory and India stands the best chance and Tech brains are merging with real grassroot problems and solving them to scale to the global level.

However, everyone is quite smart and understand well what all they are doing, but if one thing we all can understand is that Technology is the driver of anything you decide to do.

Covid has fast forwarded the market by many years with the help of Tech adoption perspective. With the growth in digitalisation of purchases and payments, individuals have now adopted online purchasing and marketing in bigger way. Initiating and promoting an online business is more accessible than ever. Only thing needed is focus, dedication and never to give up attitude. To conclude, adopt innovative strategies for your business digitally and physically.