The Great Growling Engine Of Change- Technology

Do you ever wonder what would this world do without technology or what makes technology so important in business? Well, the answer to the second question is quite simple- it saves time and effort and on top of that, it is the demand of the market.

The Great Growling Engine Of Change- Technology

Technology has become a necessity in business today and with passing time, we are getting dependent on it more and more or let me phrase this, “we need it now”. Today it is impossible to separate business and technology from each other and to keep workflow streamlined, businesses need to implement advanced technology tools that tech developers have designed specifically for business operations. With keeping that in mind Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo are having their trials for the drone services. They have received approval from the Director-General of Civil Aviation to test drone deliveries in India.

Zomato and Dunzo have appointed management-consulting firm Alternative Global India (AGI) as the consulting partner to conduct these trials. AGI has planned 100 hours of trials for both the companies, however, the focus areas of the two will differ. For Zomato, the focus area will be food and medicine delivery. Whereas for Dunzo it will be food, medicine, and package delivery. The important thing here is that the use of technology is very important in business for the growth of it.

Productivity reaches new heights when technology is used and not only this even our security increases with the help of it. Do not forget that the Calculator we use today is technology only. Business involves communication, transportation, and more fields, making it a complex web of processes. The technologies pertaining to other fields only pushed business further. We need technology for so many reasons in business such as, Decision making, Enhancing customer relationships, Advertising, Expansion of business, increasing business capacity, Bringing Cryptocurrency, and so on.

So saying this will not be wrong that with passing time, we are going to need more advanced technology for our business growth, and as Cory Doctorow said, “Technology is making the world more unequal.  Only technology can fix this”.