This person is becoming an inspiration to many: launched an app for saving the Dog's Life

Rakshit Malhotra is the founder of "Helping Hands For Paws." He completed his in 2019 and currently he is a software engineer in TCS.

This person is becoming an inspiration to many: launched an app for saving the Dog's Life

He was born and brought up in Delhi.

Since his childhood, he loved animals, and this love made him start working for the dog's right from a very early age.

"As I Grew up, my love for animals started growing, and I was willing to do something for them," he says.

Sharing an incident, he says, "One Night at my Dog's clinic, I met Mr Ajay Mahajan who leads an NGO named Shvan Development Foundation. He is like an elder brother to me and he helped me by pushing me to work for the NGO and made me as a Founding Member of the NGO."

Rakshit is also the Founding Member of "Shvan Development Foundation" from past few years.

The foundation helped Rakshit in fulfilling his desire to help the lives in need. Through the foundation, he along with his team led Mega Feeding Drives and Anti Rabies Drive in which he vaccinated around 150+ dogs in a single Day which is a thing to appreciate. 

"From then, People started joining us and now we are operating Mega Feeding Drive every 1st and 3rd Sunday," Rakshit admits.

How He Come Up With The Idea

After leading an NGO, Rakshit was invited and joined by many WhatsApp groups related to similar things. There he realised that many dog cases are circulated at every WhatsApp group and those cases would just get piled up in the image library and hardly serve the purpose of arranging funds.

Similar 'Fund Appeal' were on various groups and the same adoption/rescue cases were present on different 'WhatsApp groups.' 

Rakshit noticed that these kinds of fund appeals and messages were mostly ignored and the one that people actually noticed, would usually be old news which was not needed anymore.

So he came up with an idea to take all these things to a different platform that would be dedicated to the welfare of the dog's community only.

This in turn is helpful in giving a platform to all the people where they could see the ongoing cases as well as the completed cases.

Also, he included a chatting feature so that people could interact with each other on that platform.

Any Dog Community can use this application and get their volunteers registered.

The volunteers can register a case, work on them, mark them as complete, and there is a complete list of all the cases ongoing by the volunteers of that community.


"The application "Helping Hands For Paws" was on my mind, but there was no option as of now that could create a database and record of all the tasks. So, to create a blueprint in my mind was a tough task for me," admits Rakshit.

He analyzed his things and handled the challenges by dividing the application into mainly 5 parts.

1.Case Registration  

2.Dog Adoption

3.Dog Feeding

4.Dog Rescue

5.Fundraising and others.

Also, For the records, he created an In Progress and Completed Tabs where everyone can register with the application and avail the updates of any case.


On asking him what keeps him going, Rakshit said, " One thing that always motivates me is my pet, Bruno."

Being a dog lover, Rakshit also owns a pet dog and he tries his level best in order to give every dog the love and care they want.

He has also tied up with Zomato Feeding India.

This helped him by providing 200kgs rice and dog food that he provided to his every volunteer to ensure that no dog sleeps empty stomach.

"Me and my Team works very hard by taking out time from their busy schedule in order to spread awareness about the love for animals and we all try to achieve the motto of #Adopt_Dont_Shop." Said Rakshit.

Present Situation and How Future Looks 

If we talk about the organisation's current situation, then the application work is completed and now they are trying to bring awareness in every NGO regarding the use of such kinds of platforms and replacing the WhatsApp groups as there, things just get piled up.

Whereas in the app things are listed and sorted properly and each and everything is registered very securely.

Talking about the future, Rakshit suggested that they are trying to involve new features in the application to make it more robust.

Also, they are trying to make it on a coding platform and working on the publishing of the application.

Word Of Advice

On asking for a word of advice, Rakshit said, "My suggestion would be to do as much as you could do for the society and try to bring a positive change in the society.

And most importantly , try to win trust of people and Build a Team because It is not "ME" who wins , rather it is the Power of "WE" that brings changes."